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All years Observers: 1407 Cards: 103500 Records: 5468712 Incidentals: 425829 Pentads: 12941 (74.73%)
2014 Observers: 399 Cards: 4931 Records: 261716 Incidentals: 21925 Pentads: 2373 (13.70%)
AutumnMAP Observers: 290 Cards: 2069 Records: 104890 Incidentals: 7840 Pentads: 1273 (7.35%)
Red-billed Firefinch
(Lagonosticta senegala)
  • Google map of distribution

  • SABAP2 Distribution (Static)
      Map showing the current distribution of records for the Red-billed Firefinch

  • SABAP2 vs SABAP1
      Map showing the distribution changes between SABAP1 and SABAP2.

  • SABAP1 distribution
      Smoothed SABAP1 distribution

  • SABAP1 Texts
      PDF of the SABAP1 pages for the species.
  • Map showing the distribution changes between SABAP2 and SABAP1

    RED and ORANGE signify either the species is absent in SABAP2 where it was reported in SABAP1 (Red), or its reporting rate is lower in SABAP2 than it was in SABAP1 (Orange).

    GREEN and BLUE show areas that have increased reporting rates (green) or 'new' range where it was not reported during SABAP1 (Blue).

    PURPLE shows the distribution areas from SABAP1 where SABAP2 does not have sufficient data presently.

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