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All years Observers: 1407 Cards: 103500 Records: 5468712 Incidentals: 425829 Pentads: 12941 (74.73%)
2014 Observers: 399 Cards: 4931 Records: 261716 Incidentals: 21925 Pentads: 2373 (13.70%)
AutumnMAP Observers: 290 Cards: 2069 Records: 104890 Incidentals: 7840 Pentads: 1273 (7.35%)
Bat Hawk
(Macheiramphus alcinus)
  • Google map of distribution

  • SABAP2 Distribution (Static)
      Map showing the current distribution of records for the Bat Hawk

  • SABAP2 vs SABAP1
      Map showing the distribution changes between SABAP1 and SABAP2.

  • SABAP1 distribution
      Smoothed SABAP1 distribution

  • SABAP1 Texts
      PDF of the SABAP1 pages for the species.
  • Map of the SABAP2 distribution, overlaid on the SABAP1 distribution
    Seasonal variation in reporting rates
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