List of reported species

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Ref Common name Taxonomic name Last sighting
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591Akalat, East CoastSheppardia gunningi 
2710Akalat, EquatorialSheppardia aequatorialis 
4151Albatross, Atlantic Yellow-nosedThalassarche chlororhynchos 
8Albatross, Black-browedThalassarche melanophris 
1002Albatross, Buller'sThalassarche bulleri 
1079Albatross, Indian Yellow-nosedThalassarche carteri 
2230Albatross, Northern RoyalDiomedea sanfordi 
4150Albatross, ShyThalassarche cauta 
1109Alethe, Brown-chestedAlethe poliocephala 
587Alethe, CholoAlethe choloensis 
2540Alethe, Fire-crestedPseudalethe castanea 
946Alethe, White-chestedPseudalethe fuelleborni 
2662Ant-thrush, Red-tailedNeocossyphus rufus 
2660Ant-thrush, White-tailedNeocossyphus poensis 
2650Anteating-chat, NorthernMyrmecocichla aethiops 
1144Antpecker, Woodhouse's (Red-headed)Parmoptila woodhousei 
622Apalis, Bar-throatedApalis thoracica 
3084Apalis, Black-collaredApalis pulchra 
623Apalis, Black-headedApalis melanocephala 
3074Apalis, Black-throatedApalis jacksoni 
1099Apalis, Buff-throatedApalis rufogularis 
3082Apalis, Chestnut-throatedApalis porphyrolaema 
927Apalis, ChirindaApalis chirindensis 
3070Apalis, GreyApalis cinerea 
3076Apalis, KaramojaApalis karamojae 
3192Apalis, Red-frontedUrorhipis rufifrons 
624Apalis, Rudd'sApalis ruddi 
3056Apalis, TaitaApalis fascigularis 
625Apalis, Yellow-breastedApalis flavida 
1103Apalis, Yellow-throatedApalis flavigularis 
269Avocet, PiedRecurvirostra avosetta 

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