List of reported species

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Ref Common name Taxonomic name Last sighting
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1146Olive-greenbul, CameroonPhyllastrephus poensis 
3012Olive-greenbul, ToroPhyllastrephus hypochloris 
312Olive-pigeon, AfricanColumba arquatrix 
1864Olive-pigeon, CameroonColumba sjostedti 
1139Oliveback, Fernando PoNesocharis shelleyi 
3822Oliveback, Grey-headedNesocharis capistrata 
3820Oliveback, White-collaredNesocharis ansorgei 
74Openbill, AfricanAnastomus lamelligerus 
520Oriole, African GoldenOriolus auratus 
521Oriole, Black-headedOriolus larvatus 
2466Oriole, Black-tailed (~ Montane)Oriolus percivali 
2464Oriole, Black-wingedOriolus nigripennis 
519Oriole, Eurasian GoldenOriolus oriolus 
909Oriole, Green-headedOriolus chlorocephalus 
2460Oriole, Western Black-headedOriolus brachyrhynchus 
172Osprey, OspreyPandion haliaetus 
1Ostrich, CommonStruthio camelus 
1200Ostrich, SomaliStruthio molybdophanes 
1738Owl, Abyssinian (Long-eared)Asio abyssinicus 
359Owl, BarnTyto alba 
361Owl, MarshAsio capensis 
1740Owl, Short-earedAsio flammeus 
366Owlet, African BarredGlaucidium capense 
365Owlet, Pearl-spottedGlaucidium perlatum 
1764Owlet, Red-chestedGlaucidium tephronotum 
1058Oxpecker, Hybrid Yellow/Red-billedBuphagus africanus/erythrorhynchus 
748Oxpecker, Red-billedBuphagus erythrorhynchus 
747Oxpecker, Yellow-billedBuphagus africanus 
231Oystercatcher, African BlackHaematopus moquini 
894Oystercatcher, EurasianHaematopus ostralegus 
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