List of reported species

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Ref Common name Taxonomic name Last sighting
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2162Kestrel, CommonFalco tinnunculus 
121Kestrel, Dickinson'sFalco dickinsoni 
2152Kestrel, FoxFalco alopex 
122Kestrel, GreaterFalco rupicoloides 
889Kestrel, GreyFalco ardosiaceus 
125Kestrel, LesserFalco naumanni 
123Kestrel, RockFalco rupicolus 
1131Kingfisher, Blue-breastedHalcyon malimbica 
402Kingfisher, Brown-hoodedHalcyon albiventris 
1560Kingfisher, Chocolate-backedHalcyon badia 
1556Kingfisher, DwarfIspidina lecontei 
395Kingfisher, GiantMegaceryle maximus 
401Kingfisher, Grey-headedHalcyon leucocephala 
396Kingfisher, Half-collaredAlcedo semitorquata 
397Kingfisher, MalachiteAlcedo cristata 
400Kingfisher, MangroveHalcyon senegaloides 
394Kingfisher, PiedCeryle rudis 
403Kingfisher, StripedHalcyon chelicuti 
1062Kingfisher, White-belliedAlcedo leucogaster 
399Kingfisher, WoodlandHalcyon senegalensis 
14189Kite, BlackMilvus migrans 
128Kite, BlackMilvus migrans 
130Kite, Black-shoulderedElanus caeruleus 
2114Kite, Scissor-tailed (African Swallow-tailed)Chelictinia riocourii 
129Kite, Yellow-billedMilvus aegyptius 
1980Knot, GreatCalidris tenuirostris 
254Knot, RedCalidris canutus 
223Korhaan, BlueEupodotis caerulescens 
220Korhaan, KarooEupodotis vigorsii 
1035Korhaan, Northern BlackAfrotis afraoides 
224Korhaan, Red-crestedLophotis ruficrista 
221Korhaan, Rüppell'sEupodotis rueppellii 
4134Korhaan, Southern BlackAfrotis afra 
222Korhaan, White-belliedEupodotis senegalensis 

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