Pentad summary: 3345_2535 (QDGC: 3325DC)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 21
Adhoc protocol 29
Incidentals 1236
Cards by month
C 212014214031
S 103 86 54 78 109 89 60 103 131 44
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
a2018-12-10Draper, Gerald1
f2018-11-01Horn, Gerrie111
f2018-09-16Jordaan, Jorrie37
a2018-08-04Joubert, Keith Paul2
a2018-02-24Joubert, Keith Paul3
a2017-12-13Dixon, Roger1
f2017-11-28Martin, Paul53
a2017-10-08Joubert, Keith Paul7
a2017-09-09Reinhardt, Gilbert6
f2017-06-29Martin, Paul52
a2017-06-04Jordaan, Jorrie8
a2017-05-10Danckwerts, Daniel24
f2017-03-23Martin, Paul38
f2017-03-14Martin, Paul43
a2017-03-04TAYLOR, Alf16
a2017-01-29Hobson, Ian3
a2017-01-29Jordaan, Jorrie12
f2017-01-24Horn, Gerrie80
a2017-01-13Horn, Gerrie34
f2017-01-13Martin, Paul74
f2016-12-22Martin, Paul44
a2016-11-30Furlong, Roddy27
f2016-11-25Martin, Paul64
a2016-11-08Horn, Gerrie18
f2016-09-18Jordaan, Jorrie59
a2016-09-16TAYLOR, Alf18
f2016-09-14Martin, Paul73
f2016-09-02TAYLOR, Alf75
a2016-08-28Jordaan, Jorrie11
f2016-08-25Martin, Paul60
a2016-07-27Horn, Gerrie42
f2016-07-20Martin, Paul64
f2016-06-30Martin, Paul57
a2016-06-25Jordaan, Jorrie23
f2016-06-23Horn, Gerrie85
a2015-10-18Kleiman, Pamela Ruth10
a2015-07-26Brown, Dave1
a2014-09-06Kleiman, Pamela Ruth18
a2014-08-20Furlong, Roddy5
a2014-03-28Kleiman, Pamela Ruth13
a2012-12-29Brown, Dave2
a2012-11-24Campbell, Paddy10
a2012-11-24Brown, Dave16
f2012-07-19Horn, Gerrie75
f2011-02-08Horn, Gerrie86
a2010-02-06Brown, Dave2
a2010-02-06Nixon, Andrew Denys2
f2009-06-27Schultz, Albert46
f2009-05-30Horn, Gerrie78
a2009-03-03van der Westhuizen, Arnold5

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
12Dr P Martin10200211102111128
21979Mr G. Horn1100111000106151
310496Mr J Jordaan000000002000272
41847MR. A TAYLOR000000001000175
510155Mr A Schultz000001000000146
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