Pentad summary: 3315_2635 (QDGC: 3326BC)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 65
Adhoc protocol 6
Incidentals 6
Cards by month
C 733508866559
S 123 73 67 90 103 107 123 102 114 125 136
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2017-10-14Rudman, Lynette69
f2017-09-13Hobson, Ian59
f2017-08-25Hobson, Ian50
f2017-07-21Ellmore, Felicity45
f2017-07-10Ellmore, Felicity57
f2017-07-08Rudman, Lynette50
f2017-07-07Retief, Hugh51
f2017-07-05Hobson, Ian47
f2017-06-04Rudman, Lynette51
f2017-06-01Retief, Hugh41
f2017-04-20Retief, Hugh35
f2017-03-22Retief, Hugh43
f2017-03-18Rudman, Lynette33
a2017-03-17Kurten, Barry John2
f2017-03-16Retief, Hugh44
f2017-02-27Retief, Hugh38
f2017-02-22Hobson, Ian48
f2017-02-07Retief, Hugh48
f2017-01-29Rudman, Lynette53
f2017-01-18Hobson, Ian56
f2017-01-05Hobson, Ian58
f2017-01-04Retief, Hugh58
f2017-01-03Ellmore, Felicity45
f2016-12-29Rudman, Lynette66
f2016-12-28Ellmore, Felicity63
f2016-12-23Ellmore, Felicity69
f2016-12-20Hobson, Ian45
a2016-11-26Ward-Smith, Bruce3
f2016-11-26Retief, Hugh51
f2016-11-06Rudman, Lynette51
f2016-10-24Retief, Hugh48
f2016-10-05Smith, Diane53
f2016-09-09Rudman, Lynette13
a2016-09-04Hobson, Ian20
f2016-09-04Rudman, Lynette32
f2016-08-25Danckwerts, Daniel41
f2016-08-24Danckwerts, Daniel33
f2016-08-18Smith, Diane68
f2016-07-09Ellmore, Felicity42
f2016-06-30Ellmore, Felicity32
f2016-06-29Retief, Hugh46
f2016-06-18Retief, Hugh37
f2016-06-12Retief, Hugh44
f2016-04-22Retief, Hugh36
f2016-04-15Hobson, Ian54
f2016-04-01Retief, Hugh34
a2016-03-27Balmer, Jonathan22
f2015-12-29Ellmore, Felicity67
f2015-12-28Peters, Hennie34
f2015-12-23Ellmore, Felicity54
f2015-12-07Retief, Hugh49
a2015-11-28Kleiman, Pamela Ruth10
f2015-10-19Retief, Hugh36
f2015-10-06Retief, Hugh40
f2015-09-19Sutherland, Sandy69
f2015-09-13Perrins, Niall27
f2015-07-14Ellmore, Felicity30
f2015-04-10Ellmore, Felicity56
a2015-02-14Weyer, Dylan James45
f2015-01-01Ellmore, Felicity38
f2014-11-27Retief, Hugh52
f2014-11-14Retief, Hugh32
f2014-11-09Danckwerts, Daniel91
f2013-09-08Retief, Hugh31
f2013-06-29Ellmore, Felicity45
f2013-01-17Teifel, Robin27
f2012-07-10Ellmore, Felicity37
f2011-12-30Ellmore, Felicity46
f2010-08-14Retief, Hugh44
f2010-06-26Guthrie, Iain Andrew36
f2008-08-21Galpin, Mark77

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
110253Mr H. Retief12230411133122147
21899Ms F. Ellmore20010250000515136
313875Mrs L Rudman1010011021119114
416110I Hobson2101001110018112
511336Mr D.K. Danckwerts0000000200103104
615876Ms D Smith000000010100289
711803Mr H. Peters000000000001134
810870Mr I.A.Guthrie000001000000136
910318Dr S Sutherland000000001000169
1010101Mr N Perrins000000001000128
111733Mr M Galpin000000010000177
1215Mr R Teifel100000000000127

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