Pentad summary: 3255_2725 (QDGC: 3227CD)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 14
Adhoc protocol 4
Incidentals 6
Cards by month
C 222200121002
S 71 71 121 83 41 66 28 87
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2017-03-03Saunders, Foden111
a2016-05-21Simms, Mike43
f2016-01-23Simms, Mike67
f2015-12-22Weyer, Dylan James66
f2015-12-19Simms, Mike74
a2015-08-19Collett, Alan29
f2015-08-19Kleiman, Pamela Ruth28
f2015-08-16Curnick, Jeff62
f2015-02-28Danckwerts, Daniel40
f2014-09-21Danckwerts, Daniel34
f2014-01-08Russell, Graham36
f2010-04-12Curnick, Jeff58
f2010-04-05Myburgh, Koos57
f2010-03-02Curnick, Jeff61
f2010-02-25Myburgh, Koos51
a2009-09-24Curnick, Jeff35
f2009-07-04Curnick, Jeff41
a2009-06-02Curnick, Jeff21

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
12126Mr J.J. Curnick0011001100004111
210040Mr M. Simms100000000001288
311288Mr K. Myburgh010100000000280
411336Mr D.K. Danckwerts010000001000263
511246Mr G. Russell100000000000136
611445Mr D.J. Weyer000000000001166
712223Mrs P Kleiman000000010000127
816279Mr F Saunders0010000000001111

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