Pentad summary: 3245_1810 (QDGC: 3218CC)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 697
Adhoc protocol 45
Incidentals 170
Cards by month
C 727065463941686658556156
S 189 196 183 170 161 155 176 177 186 192 205 181
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
a2018-03-15de Kock, Colin26
a2018-03-12van Tonder, Richter Louis1
a2018-03-10Robinson, Lance11
f2018-03-09Vasapolli, Dylan68
f2018-03-08Jansen, Jannie50
f2018-03-07De Swardt, Dawie45
f2018-03-07Moll, Michiel and Beverley29
f2018-03-07Nyenes, Mike62
a2018-03-07Retief, Ernst9
f2018-03-06Coetzer, Carina30
f2018-03-04du Plessis, Eddie96
a2018-03-04Robinson, Lance16
f2018-02-27du Plessis, Linda106
f2018-02-25Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret105
f2018-02-25Oelsen, Yoland? Oelsen34
f2018-02-22du Plessis, Eddie100
a2018-02-20Vosloo, Delien20
a2018-02-20Nieuwoudt, Tielman13
a2018-02-18Vosloo, Delien1
a2018-02-18Nieuwoudt, Tielman1
f2018-02-17du Plessis, Linda97
a2018-02-14de Kock, Colin9
f2018-02-12du Plessis, Eddie94
f2018-02-07du Plessis, Linda100
f2018-02-04Liebenberg, Enrico48
f2018-02-02du Plessis, Eddie89
f2018-01-28Moll, Michiel and Beverley46
f2018-01-28Ellmore, Felicity95
f2018-01-28du Plessis, Linda99
f2018-01-28Fogarty, Simon67
f2018-01-23du Plessis, Eddie91
f2018-01-18du Plessis, Linda91
f2018-01-13du Plessis, Eddie100
f2018-01-13Graham, John Murray Douglas77
f2018-01-08du Plessis, Linda110
f2018-01-03du Plessis, Eddie92
a2018-01-03Pepper, Jonathan41
f2017-12-29du Plessis, Linda100
a2017-12-25Steenberg, Loutjie59
f2017-12-24du Plessis, Eddie105
f2017-12-19du Plessis, Linda105
f2017-12-14du Plessis, Eddie110
f2017-12-09du Plessis, Linda103
f2017-12-04du Plessis, Eddie113
f2017-11-29du Plessis, Linda105
f2017-11-26de Kock, Colin61
f2017-11-24du Plessis, Eddie94
f2017-11-19du Plessis, Linda121
a2017-11-19Pepper, Jonathan36
f2017-11-14du Plessis, Eddie109
f2017-11-09du Plessis, Linda103
f2017-11-04du Plessis, Eddie112
f2017-10-30du Plessis, Linda113
f2017-10-30Smit, Hennie & Gerda44
f2017-10-26Bridgeford, Mike20
f2017-10-25du Plessis, Eddie104
f2017-10-20du Plessis, Linda110
f2017-10-15Christian, Murray99
f2017-10-15du Plessis, Eddie108
f2017-10-10du Plessis, Linda111
f2017-10-05du Plessis, Eddie98
f2017-10-01Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret120
f2017-10-01van Staden, Thinus21
a2017-10-01McSweeney, Michael31
f2017-09-30du Plessis, Linda118
a2017-09-29Hall, Arthur1
f2017-09-25du Plessis, Eddie104
f2017-09-20du Plessis, Linda107
f2017-09-15du Plessis, Eddie103
f2017-09-10du Plessis, Linda109
f2017-09-08Cronje, Marc34
a2017-09-06Behrens, Albert Friedrich Wilhelm10
f2017-09-05du Plessis, Eddie112
a2017-09-05Marais, Etienne29
f2017-09-01Theron, Jacques25
f2017-09-01Verster, Pieter103
f2017-08-31Kotze, Jan115
f2017-08-26du Plessis, Linda105
f2017-08-21du Plessis, Eddie108
f2017-08-20Claassen, Ralie53
a2017-08-20Botha, Christoffel6
f2017-08-19Claassen, Japie52
a2017-08-19Claassen, Ralie5
f2017-08-16du Plessis, Linda100
f2017-08-11du Plessis, Eddie98
a2017-08-07Oosthuizen, Deon10
f2017-08-06du Plessis, Linda107
f2017-08-01du Plessis, Eddie104
a2017-07-29Evans, Callum17
f2017-07-27du Plessis, Linda100
f2017-07-23Wheeler, Marius81
f2017-07-23Moll, Michiel and Beverley48
f2017-07-23Fogarty, Simon85
f2017-07-22du Plessis, Eddie106
f2017-07-20Moll, Michiel and Beverley42
f2017-07-20de Kock, Colin45
f2017-07-17du Plessis, Linda91
f2017-07-12du Plessis, Eddie80
f2017-07-07du Plessis, Linda104
f2017-07-02du Plessis, Eddie96
f2017-06-27du Plessis, Linda91
a2017-06-25de Blocq, Andrew3
f2017-06-22du Plessis, Eddie95
f2017-06-17du Plessis, Linda90
f2017-06-12du Plessis, Eddie95
f2017-06-07du Plessis, Linda85
f2017-06-02du Plessis, Eddie88
f2017-05-28du Plessis, Linda94
f2017-05-23du Plessis, Eddie95
f2017-05-18du Plessis, Linda96
f2017-05-13du Plessis, Eddie82
f2017-05-08du Plessis, Linda101
f2017-05-04Theron, Stefan80
f2017-05-03du Plessis, Eddie101
f2017-04-30Swiel, Simone49
f2017-04-28du Plessis, Linda94
f2017-04-23du Plessis, Eddie91
f2017-04-22Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret49
a2017-04-21Geddes, Rob8
f2017-04-18du Plessis, Linda96
f2017-04-13du Plessis, Eddie91
a2017-04-10Douglass, Robert Wingfield4
f2017-04-08du Plessis, Linda103
f2017-04-03du Plessis, Eddie102
f2017-04-01Peacock, Faansie72
f2017-03-29du Plessis, Linda105
f2017-03-24du Plessis, Eddie106
f2017-03-19du Plessis, Linda103
f2017-03-14du Plessis, Eddie92
f2017-03-09du Plessis, Linda107
f2017-03-08Pretorius, Tobie52
f2017-03-04du Plessis, Eddie97
f2017-02-27du Plessis, Linda100
a2017-02-25de Kock, Colin16
f2017-02-22du Plessis, Eddie99
f2017-02-17Drummond-Hay, Michael Kevin103
f2017-02-17du Plessis, Linda101
f2017-02-15Viljoen, Christiaan & Brenda43
f2017-02-12du Plessis, Eddie100
f2017-02-07du Plessis, Linda102
f2017-02-02du Plessis, Eddie99
f2017-01-28du Plessis, Linda91
f2017-01-23du Plessis, Eddie93
f2017-01-22Ellmore, Felicity104
f2017-01-22Fogarty, Simon73
f2017-01-19Laidler, Dennis26
f2017-01-18du Plessis, Linda107
f2017-01-16Coetzee, Philip42
f2017-01-14Thomson, Robert62
f2017-01-13du Plessis, Eddie98
f2017-01-10Gordon, Ian48
f2017-01-08du Plessis, Linda119
f2017-01-08de Blocq, Andrew100
f2017-01-03du Plessis, Eddie113
f2017-01-03Hackland, Beth13
a2016-12-30Perrins, Niall17
f2016-12-29du Plessis, Linda94
f2016-12-24du Plessis, Eddie103
f2016-12-19du Plessis, Linda112
f2016-12-14du Plessis, Eddie92
f2016-12-14Howes, Caroline 65
f2016-12-13Moll, Michiel and Beverley55
f2016-12-10Laidler, Dennis74
f2016-12-09Paterson, D. Bruce50
f2016-12-09du Plessis, Linda102
f2016-12-04du Plessis, Eddie115
f2016-11-29du Plessis, Linda117
f2016-11-24du Plessis, Eddie105
f2016-11-19du Plessis, Linda111
f2016-11-14du Plessis, Eddie116
f2016-11-09du Plessis, Linda122
a2016-11-08Nupen, Peter37
f2016-11-04du Plessis, Eddie113
f2016-10-30du Plessis, Linda118
f2016-10-29Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret103
f2016-10-25du Plessis, Eddie110
f2016-10-20du Plessis, Linda118
f2016-10-15du Plessis, Eddie121
f2016-10-14Vasapolli, Dylan72
f2016-10-10du Plessis, Linda116
f2016-10-05du Plessis, Eddie110
f2016-09-30du Plessis, Linda114
f2016-09-25du Plessis, Eddie106
f2016-09-20du Plessis, Linda118
f2016-09-15du Plessis, Eddie116
a2016-09-15Smit-Robinson, Hanneline20
f2016-09-14Furlong, Roddy30
f2016-09-11Andrag, Deona63
a2016-09-11Boshoff, Willem12
f2016-09-10du Plessis, Linda120
f2016-09-09Coetzee, Awie46
f2016-09-06Gouws, Johan80
f2016-09-05du Plessis, Eddie111
f2016-08-31du Plessis, Linda113
f2016-08-26du Plessis, Eddie112
f2016-08-21du Plessis, Linda104
f2016-08-20Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret89
f2016-08-20Goetsch, Geoff84
f2016-08-16du Plessis, Eddie102
a2016-08-14Bosman, Hendrik8
f2016-08-11du Plessis, Linda115
f2016-08-10Bishop, Dave55
f2016-08-06du Plessis, Eddie113
f2016-08-05Bishop, Dave65
f2016-08-01du Plessis, Linda102
f2016-07-27du Plessis, Eddie91
f2016-07-24Ellmore, Felicity89
f2016-07-22du Plessis, Linda114
f2016-07-22Fogarty, Simon70
f2016-07-17du Plessis, Eddie83
f2016-07-16de Kock, Colin57
f2016-07-12du Plessis, Linda85
a2016-07-08de Kock, Colin8
f2016-07-07du Plessis, Eddie88
f2016-07-02du Plessis, Linda90
f2016-06-27du Plessis, Eddie87
f2016-06-22du Plessis, Linda84
f2016-06-17du Plessis, Eddie80
f2016-06-12du Plessis, Linda84
f2016-06-07du Plessis, Eddie83
f2016-06-02du Plessis, Linda87
f2016-05-28du Plessis, Eddie74
f2016-05-23du Plessis, Linda86
f2016-05-18du Plessis, Eddie84
a2016-05-16Naven, Adriana4
f2016-05-13du Plessis, Linda82
f2016-05-08du Plessis, Eddie80
f2016-05-03du Plessis, Linda85
f2016-04-28du Plessis, Eddie86
f2016-04-23du Plessis, Linda79
f2016-04-18du Plessis, Eddie76
a2016-04-16Steenberg, Loutjie17
f2016-04-13du Plessis, Linda83
f2016-04-08du Plessis, Eddie81
f2016-04-03du Plessis, Linda85
f2016-03-29du Plessis, Eddie87
f2016-03-24du Plessis, Linda102
f2016-03-19du Plessis, Eddie79
a2016-03-18Thirion, Corne and Christa7
f2016-03-16Vanderwalt, Brian63
f2016-03-14du Plessis, Linda104
f2016-03-12Benadie, Martin 57
f2016-03-09du Plessis, Eddie113
f2016-03-04du Plessis, Linda114
f2016-02-28du Plessis, Eddie106
f2016-02-23du Plessis, Linda103
f2016-02-20Rabie, Adrius89
f2016-02-18Marais, Etienne46
f2016-02-18Nurse, Pat43
f2016-02-18du Plessis, Eddie104
f2016-02-16Smith, Robert Lamont47
f2016-02-13Nelson, Karin63
f2016-02-13du Plessis, Linda112
f2016-02-13Tye, Nicholas David64
f2016-02-08du Plessis, Eddie99
f2016-02-07Wheeler, Marius58
f2016-02-07Ellmore, Felicity91
f2016-02-07Fogarty, Simon65
f2016-02-03du Plessis, Linda102
f2016-01-31Andrag, Deona70
f2016-01-29du Plessis, Eddie94
a2016-01-26Cheetham, Christopher Graham Selby39
f2016-01-24Rijsdijk, Ian-Malcolm85
f2016-01-24du Plessis, Linda93
f2016-01-24de Blocq, Andrew76
f2016-01-19du Plessis, Eddie101
a2016-01-17Pepper, Jonathan71
f2016-01-14du Plessis, Linda96
f2016-01-12Benadie, Martin 70
f2016-01-10Buckham, Michael65
f2016-01-09du Plessis, Eddie112
f2016-01-07Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret81
f2016-01-05Evans, Callum53
f2016-01-04du Plessis, Linda118
f2015-12-30du Plessis, Eddie112
f2015-12-25du Plessis, Linda103
a2015-12-21Snow, David15
f2015-12-20du Plessis, Eddie111
f2015-12-15du Plessis, Linda103
f2015-12-10du Plessis, Eddie105
f2015-12-05du Plessis, Linda107
f2015-11-30du Plessis, Eddie115
f2015-11-26Schmidt, Otto86
f2015-11-25du Plessis, Linda120
f2015-11-20du Plessis, Eddie117
f2015-11-15du Plessis, Linda127
f2015-11-10du Plessis, Eddie108
f2015-11-09de Blocq, Andrew123
f2015-11-07Rollinson, Dominic Paul57
f2015-11-05du Plessis, Linda106
f2015-10-31du Plessis, Eddie112
f2015-10-26du Plessis, Linda142
f2015-10-20du Plessis, Eddie100
f2015-10-15du Plessis, Linda104
f2015-10-10du Plessis, Eddie104
f2015-10-05du Plessis, Linda111
f2015-09-30du Plessis, Eddie101
f2015-09-26Thomson, Robert112
f2015-09-25du Plessis, Linda101
f2015-09-20du Plessis, Eddie105
f2015-09-15du Plessis, Linda103
a2015-09-12Pretorius, Jan9
f2015-09-10du Plessis, Eddie102
f2015-09-05du Plessis, Linda114
f2015-09-05Van Niekerk, Sybrand61
f2015-09-04Vincent, Anneke56
f2015-08-31du Plessis, Eddie111
f2015-08-26du Plessis, Linda104
f2015-08-23Buckham, Michael70
f2015-08-21du Plessis, Eddie101
f2015-08-16du Plessis, Linda112
f2015-08-15Thomson, Robert91
f2015-08-12Malan, Tineke62
f2015-08-11du Plessis, Eddie94
f2015-08-10Carter, John69
f2015-08-09Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret65
f2015-08-09Perrins, Niall58
f2015-08-09Peters, Hennie59
f2015-08-06du Plessis, Linda92
f2015-08-01du Plessis, Eddie91
f2015-07-26du Plessis, Linda97
f2015-07-21du Plessis, Eddie93
f2015-07-16du Plessis, Linda81
f2015-07-12Wheeler, Marius89
f2015-07-12Nupen, Peter78
f2015-07-12Fogarty, Simon72
a2015-07-12Brooks, Michael68
f2015-07-11du Plessis, Eddie96
f2015-07-06du Plessis, Linda95
f2015-07-01du Plessis, Eddie90
f2015-06-26du Plessis, Linda87
f2015-06-21du Plessis, Eddie84
f2015-06-16du Plessis, Linda91
f2015-06-11du Plessis, Eddie92
f2015-06-06du Plessis, Linda90
f2015-06-01du Plessis, Eddie90
f2015-05-27du Plessis, Linda95
f2015-05-22du Plessis, Eddie92
f2015-05-17du Plessis, Linda99
f2015-05-12du Plessis, Eddie95
f2015-05-07du Plessis, Linda98
f2015-05-02du Plessis, Eddie95
f2015-04-27du Plessis, Linda98
f2015-04-22du Plessis, Eddie97
f2015-04-17du Plessis, Linda92
f2015-04-12du Plessis, Eddie80
f2015-04-11Buckham, Michael74
f2015-04-07du Plessis, Linda95
f2015-04-02du Plessis, Eddie94
f2015-03-28du Plessis, Linda85
f2015-03-23du Plessis, Eddie105
f2015-03-18du Plessis, Linda101
f2015-03-13du Plessis, Eddie85
f2015-03-08du Plessis, Linda89
f2015-03-03du Plessis, Eddie92
f2015-02-26du Plessis, Linda80
f2015-02-24Shearer, Stuart56
f2015-02-21du Plessis, Eddie94
f2015-02-16du Plessis, Linda104
f2015-02-11du Plessis, Eddie90
f2015-02-08Crewe, Brigid46
f2015-02-08Buckham, Michael51
f2015-02-07Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret82
f2015-02-07Andrag, Deona81
f2015-02-06du Plessis, Linda96
f2015-02-03Wingate, Gerald72
f2015-02-01Ellmore, Felicity95
f2015-02-01du Plessis, Eddie103
f2015-02-01Fogarty, Simon82
f2015-01-31Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret87
f2015-01-27du Plessis, Linda110
f2015-01-22du Plessis, Eddie91
f2015-01-17du Plessis, Linda109
f2015-01-17Shaw, Garth61
f2015-01-15Carter, John76
f2015-01-15Andrag, Deona64
f2015-01-12du Plessis, Eddie104
f2015-01-07du Plessis, Linda110
f2015-01-02du Plessis, Eddie91
f2014-12-28du Plessis, Linda95
f2014-12-23du Plessis, Eddie105
f2014-12-22Strauss, Wanda43
f2014-12-18du Plessis, Linda102
f2014-12-13du Plessis, Eddie100
f2014-12-08du Plessis, Linda102
f2014-12-03du Plessis, Eddie107
f2014-11-28de Wet, Jan27
f2014-11-28du Plessis, Linda101
f2014-11-23du Plessis, Eddie104
f2014-11-18du Plessis, Linda101
f2014-11-13du Plessis, Eddie111
f2014-11-10Perrins, Niall78
f2014-11-08du Plessis, Linda117
f2014-11-03du Plessis, Eddie121
f2014-11-01Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret106
f2014-10-29du Plessis, Linda114
f2014-10-24du Plessis, Eddie101
f2014-10-19du Plessis, Linda103
f2014-10-14du Plessis, Eddie136
f2014-10-09du Plessis, Linda101
f2014-10-04du Plessis, Eddie109
f2014-09-29du Plessis, Linda108
f2014-09-24du Plessis, Eddie102
f2014-09-19du Plessis, Linda105
f2014-09-14du Plessis, Eddie106
f2014-09-09du Plessis, Linda107
f2014-09-06Vasapolli, Dylan76
f2014-09-04du Plessis, Eddie96
f2014-08-30du Plessis, Linda82
f2014-08-25du Plessis, Eddie83
f2014-08-20du Plessis, Linda101
f2014-08-15du Plessis, Eddie81
f2014-08-10Claassen, Japie76
f2014-08-10du Plessis, Linda92
f2014-08-05du Plessis, Eddie73
f2014-07-31du Plessis, Linda67
f2014-07-26du Plessis, Eddie66
f2014-07-21du Plessis, Linda102
f2014-07-16du Plessis, Eddie76
f2014-07-11du Plessis, Eddie69
f2014-07-06du Plessis, Linda76
f2014-07-01du Plessis, Eddie76
f2014-06-29Ellmore, Felicity70
f2014-06-29Fogarty, Simon73
f2014-06-26du Plessis, Linda98
f2014-06-21du Plessis, Eddie84
f2014-06-16du Plessis, Linda79
f2014-06-11du Plessis, Eddie85
f2014-06-06du Plessis, Linda76
f2014-06-01du Plessis, Eddie71
f2014-05-27du Plessis, Linda78
f2014-05-22du Plessis, Eddie71
f2014-05-17du Plessis, Linda77
f2014-05-12du Plessis, Eddie82
f2014-05-07du Plessis, Linda62
f2014-05-02du Plessis, Eddie62
f2014-04-29Engelbrecht, Daniel58
f2014-04-27du Plessis, Linda62
f2014-04-22du Plessis, Eddie74
f2014-04-17du Plessis, Linda76
f2014-04-12du Plessis, Eddie69
f2014-04-07du Plessis, Linda69
f2014-04-02du Plessis, Eddie73
f2014-03-29Andrag, Deona81
f2014-03-28du Plessis, Linda67
f2014-03-23du Plessis, Eddie72
f2014-03-18du Plessis, Linda86
f2014-03-13du Plessis, Eddie87
f2014-03-07Crewe, Brigid79
f2014-03-07du Plessis, Linda76
f2014-03-02du Plessis, Eddie77
f2014-02-25du Plessis, Linda77
f2014-02-20du Plessis, Eddie73
f2014-02-16Ellmore, Felicity60
f2014-02-16Fogarty, Simon55
a2014-02-16Brooks, Michael63
f2014-02-15du Plessis, Linda78
f2014-02-10du Plessis, Eddie74
f2014-02-05du Plessis, Linda66
f2014-01-31du Plessis, Eddie69
f2014-01-26du Plessis, Linda64
f2014-01-21du Plessis, Eddie70
f2014-01-16du Plessis, Linda69
f2014-01-11du Plessis, Eddie77
f2014-01-06du Plessis, Linda80
f2014-01-05Glasson, Ashwell 94
f2014-01-01du Plessis, Eddie72
f2013-12-27du Plessis, Linda76
f2013-12-22du Plessis, Eddie79
f2013-12-17du Plessis, Linda86
f2013-12-12du Plessis, Eddie82
f2013-12-08Finney, Geoff80
f2013-12-07du Plessis, Linda84
f2013-12-02du Plessis, Eddie88
f2013-11-29Glasson, Ashwell 94
f2013-11-27du Plessis, Linda84
f2013-11-22du Plessis, Eddie88
f2013-11-17du Plessis, Linda104
f2013-11-15Claassen, Japie66
f2013-11-12du Plessis, Eddie106
f2013-11-07du Plessis, Linda90
f2013-11-02du Plessis, Eddie101
f2013-10-28du Plessis, Linda140
a2013-10-28Shearer, Stuart37
f2013-10-23du Plessis, Eddie91
f2013-10-18du Plessis, Linda101
f2013-10-13du Plessis, Eddie93
f2013-10-08du Plessis, Linda99
f2013-10-03du Plessis, Eddie83
f2013-09-28du Plessis, Linda138
f2013-09-23du Plessis, Eddie77
f2013-09-18du Plessis, Linda83
f2013-09-13du Plessis, Eddie84
f2013-09-08du Plessis, Linda91
f2013-09-03du Plessis, Eddie85
f2013-08-29du Plessis, Linda85
f2013-08-24du Plessis, Eddie79
f2013-08-19du Plessis, Linda82
f2013-08-14du Plessis, Eddie74
f2013-08-09du Plessis, Linda78
f2013-08-04du Plessis, Eddie82
f2013-07-30du Plessis, Linda82
f2013-07-25du Plessis, Eddie79
f2013-07-20du Plessis, Linda75
f2013-07-15du Plessis, Eddie81
f2013-07-10du Plessis, Linda99
f2013-07-05du Plessis, Eddie78
f2013-06-30du Plessis, Linda85
f2013-06-25du Plessis, Eddie80
f2013-06-20du Plessis, Linda70
f2013-06-15du Plessis, Eddie76
f2013-06-10du Plessis, Linda77
f2013-06-05du Plessis, Eddie78
f2013-05-31du Plessis, Linda74
f2013-05-26du Plessis, Eddie82
f2013-05-21du Plessis, Linda85
f2013-05-16du Plessis, Eddie79
f2013-05-11du Plessis, Linda77
f2013-05-06du Plessis, Eddie72
f2013-05-01du Plessis, Linda91
f2013-04-26du Plessis, Eddie84
f2013-04-21du Plessis, Linda83
f2013-04-16du Plessis, Eddie75
f2013-04-11du Plessis, Linda80
f2013-04-06du Plessis, Eddie79
f2013-04-01du Plessis, Linda95
f2013-03-27du Plessis, Eddie87
f2013-03-23Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret81
f2013-03-22du Plessis, Linda82
f2013-03-17du Plessis, Eddie71
f2013-03-12du Plessis, Linda87
f2013-03-07du Plessis, Eddie70
f2013-03-02du Plessis, Linda74
f2013-02-28Engelbrecht, Derek96
f2013-02-25du Plessis, Eddie70
f2013-02-20du Plessis, Linda81
f2013-02-15du Plessis, Eddie75
f2013-02-10du Plessis, Linda85
f2013-02-05du Plessis, Eddie77
f2013-01-31du Plessis, Linda113
f2013-01-27Ellmore, Felicity63
f2013-01-27Fogarty, Simon53
f2013-01-26du Plessis, Eddie80
f2013-01-20du Plessis, Linda70
f2013-01-15du Plessis, Eddie73
f2013-01-10du Plessis, Linda79
f2013-01-05du Plessis, Eddie72
f2012-12-31du Plessis, Linda73
f2012-12-26du Plessis, Eddie76
f2012-12-21du Plessis, Linda76
f2012-12-16du Plessis, Eddie81
f2012-12-11du Plessis, Linda113
f2012-12-06du Plessis, Eddie77
f2012-12-01du Plessis, Linda85
f2012-11-26du Plessis, Eddie84
f2012-11-21du Plessis, Eddie104
f2012-11-16du Plessis, Eddie85
f2012-11-11du Plessis, Linda91
f2012-11-06du Plessis, Eddie83
f2012-11-04Paterson, D. Bruce49
f2012-11-01du Plessis, Linda78
f2012-10-27du Plessis, Eddie73
f2012-10-26Vanderwalt, Brian43
f2012-10-22du Plessis, Linda79
f2012-10-17du Plessis, Eddie77
f2012-10-12du Plessis, Linda80
f2012-10-07du Plessis, Eddie76
f2012-10-02du Plessis, Linda79
f2012-09-27du Plessis, Eddie77
f2012-09-22du Plessis, Linda70
f2012-09-17du Plessis, Eddie69
f2012-09-12du Plessis, Linda90
f2012-09-07du Plessis, Eddie66
f2012-09-02du Plessis, Linda94
f2012-08-28du Plessis, Eddie72
f2012-08-23du Plessis, Linda73
f2012-08-18du Plessis, Eddie62
f2012-08-13du Plessis, Linda72
f2012-08-08du Plessis, Eddie77
f2012-08-03du Plessis, Linda73
f2012-08-02Fannin, John54
f2012-07-31Fincham, John Edward82
f2012-07-29du Plessis, Eddie66
f2012-07-24du Plessis, Linda64
f2012-07-19du Plessis, Eddie55
f2012-07-18Vanderwalt, Brian41
f2012-07-14du Plessis, Linda64
f2012-07-09du Plessis, Eddie59
f2012-07-04du Plessis, Linda58
f2012-06-29du Plessis, Eddie59
f2012-06-24du Plessis, Linda65
f2012-06-19du Plessis, Eddie57
f2012-06-14du Plessis, Linda65
f2012-06-09du Plessis, Eddie59
f2012-06-04du Plessis, Linda61
f2012-05-29du Plessis, Eddie61
f2012-05-24du Plessis, Linda62
f2012-05-19du Plessis, Eddie64
f2012-05-14du Plessis, Linda65
f2012-05-09du Plessis, Eddie63
f2012-05-04du Plessis, Linda61
f2012-04-29du Plessis, Eddie59
f2012-04-24du Plessis, Linda57
f2012-04-19du Plessis, Eddie59
f2012-04-14du Plessis, Linda59
f2012-04-09du Plessis, Eddie58
f2012-04-04du Plessis, Linda53
f2012-04-03Cowgill, Roy48
f2012-03-30du Plessis, Eddie56
f2012-03-25du Plessis, Linda54
f2012-03-20du Plessis, Eddie59
f2012-03-15du Plessis, Linda67
f2012-03-10du Plessis, Eddie63
f2012-03-05du Plessis, Linda80
f2012-03-04Fogarty, Simon72
f2012-03-04Zungu, Bongani67
f2012-03-02van der Linde, Elsje72
f2012-02-29du Plessis, Eddie65
f2012-02-24du Plessis, Linda58
f2012-02-19du Plessis, Eddie62
f2012-02-14du Plessis, Linda60
f2012-02-09du Plessis, Eddie62
f2012-02-04du Plessis, Linda72
f2012-02-03Everard, David Alexander46
f2012-01-30du Plessis, Eddie68
f2012-01-25du Plessis, Linda69
f2012-01-20du Plessis, Eddie60
f2012-01-15du Plessis, Linda66
f2012-01-10du Plessis, Eddie57
f2012-01-05du Plessis, Linda66
f2012-01-02Boshoff, Willem46
f2011-12-31du Plessis, Eddie61
f2011-12-26du Plessis, Linda66
f2011-12-21du Plessis, Eddie66
f2011-12-16du Plessis, Linda94
f2011-12-13Fincham, John Edward72
f2011-12-11du Plessis, Eddie82
f2011-12-06du Plessis, Linda65
f2011-12-03van der Linde, Elsje72
f2011-12-01du Plessis, Eddie75
f2011-11-26du Plessis, Linda90
f2011-11-25Colyn, Robin23
f2011-11-23du Plessis, Eddie66
f2011-11-21Peacock, Faansie62
f2011-11-21Boyce, Jason Kyle60
f2011-11-18du Plessis, Linda70
f2011-11-13du Plessis, Eddie67
f2011-11-13Van Rooyen, Christoffel Petrus Francois94
f2011-11-08du Plessis, Linda63
f2011-11-03du Plessis, Eddie62
f2011-11-03Fincham, John Edward86
f2011-10-29du Plessis, Linda68
f2011-10-24du Plessis, Eddie64
f2011-10-19du Plessis, Linda71
f2011-10-14du Plessis, Eddie64
f2011-10-10Cox JH & KC, John & Kim70
f2011-10-09du Plessis, Linda65
f2011-10-04du Plessis, Eddie61
f2011-09-29du Plessis, Linda66
f2011-09-24du Plessis, Eddie63
f2011-09-19du Plessis, Linda63
f2011-09-14du Plessis, Eddie71
f2011-09-12Colyn, Robin24
f2011-09-09du Plessis, Linda76
f2011-09-04du Plessis, Eddie65
f2011-08-30du Plessis, Linda64
f2011-08-25du Plessis, Eddie68
a2011-08-24Jones, John27
f2011-08-20du Plessis, Linda72
f2011-08-18Becker, Annatjie34
f2011-08-15du Plessis, Eddie68
f2011-08-10du Plessis, Linda73
f2011-08-05du Plessis, Eddie67
f2011-08-01Fincham, John Edward75
f2011-07-31du Plessis, Linda75
f2011-07-29Fannin, John65
f2011-07-26du Plessis, Eddie64
f2011-07-21du Plessis, Linda59
f2011-07-16du Plessis, Eddie48
f2011-07-10du Plessis, Linda45
f2011-04-13Smith, Robert Lamont69
f2011-03-20Buckham, Michael83
f2011-03-03Fannin, John63
f2011-01-30Wheeler, Marius80
f2011-01-30van Pletzen, Ermien33
f2010-12-14du Plooy, Kobus46
f2010-11-08Perrins, Niall47
f2010-10-16Fannin, John74
f2010-09-28Demaio, Melissa71
f2010-09-25Prior, Clive91
f2010-08-15Claassen, Japie61
f2010-08-10Fannin, John70
f2010-08-05Carter, John69
f2010-07-25Wheeler, Marius89
f2010-07-25Ellmore, Felicity83
f2010-07-25Fogarty, Simon75
f2010-07-09Fannin, John69
f2010-07-09Fannin, John69
f2010-06-10TURNER, Alan66
f2010-06-06Celliers, Piet & Annatjie61
f2010-03-26Dennis, Brian46
f2010-03-13Tripp, Mel81
f2010-03-05Nupen, Peter105
f2010-03-04Peacock, Faansie54
f2010-02-26Sutherland, Sandy89
f2009-11-28Harrison, Keith81
f2009-11-26COETZEE, Rynetta72
f2009-11-26van Deventer, Lisl75
f2009-10-17Sharland, Peter48
f2009-10-13Barnes, Eric72
f2009-10-10Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret82
a2009-10-09Featherstone, Andrew John13
f2009-09-18Oertli, Sue40
f2009-08-02Tripp, Mel87
a2009-07-25Claassen, Japie60
f2009-07-18Moll, Michiel and Beverley65
f2009-07-03Whittington, Phil79
f2009-06-07Celliers, Piet & Annatjie66
f2009-05-23Marais, Karel48
f2009-04-20Claassen, Japie66
f2009-04-19Collett, Alan33
f2009-03-29Perrins, Niall55
f2009-03-28Crewe, Brigid56
f2009-03-28Demaio, Melissa76
f2009-03-11Bowman, John33
f2009-03-10Ford, Michael Anthony59
f2009-03-08van der Westhuizen, Johan58
f2009-02-21Ellmore, Felicity74
f2008-12-28Green, Alan George48
a2008-09-14van Niekerk, Johan53
f2008-07-30Cooke, Ines70
f2008-07-19Tripp, Mel77
f2008-07-19Wheeler, Marius49
f2008-04-24Harrison, Keith60
f2008-03-17Wood, Tim49
f2008-02-17Tripp, Mel100
f2008-02-17Wheeler, Marius56
f2007-12-21van der Westhuizen, Arnold57
f2007-12-08van Deventer, Lisl71
f2007-09-02Cooke, Ines81
f2007-07-27Wheeler, Marius49
f2007-07-22Cooke, Ines77

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
110147Mr E du Plessis222019181818212221212222244205
211044Mrs L du Plessis212018181918212221212022241206
31680Trevor & Margaret Hardaker22110002031012165
411090Mr S. Fogarty33100140000012139
51899Ms F. Ellmore34000120000010149
6838Mr M Wheeler1200005000008139
71997Dr. J Fannin0010003201007109
8976Mr M. Moll1010003000016115
939Mr J. Claassen0001000300105114
1010478Mr M. Buckham1111000100005125
1111238Mrs D. Andrag2110000010005112
12106Mr M. Tripp0110001100004140
1310101Mr N Perrins0010000100204109
1411587Dr J.E. Fincham0000001100114122
15228Mr J Carter1000000200003112
16229Mrs I. Cooke0000002010003107
17505Mr Brian Vanderwalt001000100100386
18920Mr F. Peacock0011000000103100
192076Mrs B. Crewe012000000000397
202947Dr R Thomson1000000110003125
213719 C de Kock000000200010390
2212770 D Vasapolli0010000011003111
2313991Mr A de Blocq2000000000103139
24109Mr D. Bishop000000020000279
25163Mr K. Harrison0001000000102109
26529Mrs E van der Linde001000000001292
27866Dr P. & A. Celliers000002000000281
281403Mr A Glasson1000000000102120
291623Mr P Nupen0010001000002120
306534R Colyn000000001010234
3110085Ms L Van Deventer0000000000112104
3210669Mrs M Demaio0010000010002103
3310848Mr D Paterson000000000011271
3411372Mr R.L Smith010100000000285
3513663Mr D Laidler100000000001279
3616236Mr M Benadie101000000000280
3720Mr E. Barnes000000000100174
3845Mr O.F.J. Schmidt000000000010186
39102Mr D.H. De Swardt001000000000145
40166Mr T.G. Wood001000000000149
41195Dr P Whittington000000100000179
42283Mr W Boshoff100000000000146
43370Mr R. Cowgill000100000000148
44916Mr R.L. Furlong000000001000130
451148Mr B.I. Dennis001000000000146
461170Mr P Coetzee100000000000142
471422Mr M. Ford001000000000159
481475Mr A. Collett000100000000133
491675Mr M. Christian000000000100199
501692Mr E. Marais010000000000146
511706MS. R COETZEE000000000010172
521751Mrs K. Nelson010000000000163
531859Mr M Bridgeford000000000100120
541862Mr K. du PLooy000000000001146
551887MR A TURNER000001000000166
561909Mr S Theron000010000000180
572062Mrs P. Nurse010000000000143
582150 A van der Westhuizen000000000001157
592292Mr A. Rabie010000000000189
602315Mr K. Drummond-Hay0100000000001103
6110053Mr J Bowman001000000000133
6210220Mr A G Green000000000001148
6310239Mr CPF Van Rooyen000000000010194
6410318Dr S Sutherland010000000000189
6510490Mr D Rollinson000000000010157
6610581Mr J van der Westhuizen001000000000158
6710616Dr I M Rijsdijk100000000000187
6810651Mrs W. Strauss000000000001143
6910706Mrs A. Becker000000010000134
7010718Mrs A Vincent000000001000156
7110729Mrs T. Malan000000010000162
7210768Mrs S Oertli000000001000140
7310775Mr P Sharland000000000100148
7410791Dr S Shearer010000000000156
7510821Mr J Jansen001000000000150
7610826Mr G. Wingate010000000000172
7710867Mrs Y. Pienaar-Oelsen010000000000134
7810916Mr J.A. Gouws000000001000180
7910935Mr D.A.Everard010000000000146
8011039Mr J de Wet000000000010127
8111071Prof D. Engelbrecht010000000000196
8211077Mr K. Marais000010000000148
8311268Mr J.M.D. Graham100000000000177
8411356Mr C Viljoen010000000000143
8511613Mr J.K. Boyce000000000010160
8611685Dr C Prior000000001000191
8711739Mr B. Zungu001000000000167
8811753Mr G. Finney000000000001180
8911803Mr H. Peters000000010000159
9011827Mr N.D. Tye010000000000164
9111863Mr & Mrs J Cox JH & KC000000000100170
9211907Mr G. F. Shaw100000000000161
9312006Dr E van Pletzen100000000000168
9412093Mr T Pretorius001000000000152
9512647Mr A Coetzee000000001000146
9613201 M Nyenes001000000000162
9713254Mr E Liebenberg010000000000148
9813810Ms S Swiel000100000000149
9913924Mr D Engelbrecht000100000000158
10014166Mr J Kotze0000000100001116
10114334Mr J Theron000000001000125
10214447Mr P Verster0000000010001103
10314529Mr T van Staden000000000100121
10414653Ms C Howes000000000001165
10515061Mr G Goetsch000000010000184
10615117Mr I Gordon100000000000148
10715390 H Smit000000000100144
10815922Dr S Van Niekerk000000001000161
10916431Mr M Cronje000000001000134
11016578 B Hackland100000000000113
11116752Mrs R Claassen000000010000153
11216988Mr C Evans100000000000153
11318286Ms C Coetzer001000000000130
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