Pentad summary: 3125_2500 (QDGC: 3125AC)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 64
Adhoc protocol 16
Incidentals 1787
Cards by month
C 1254743454547
S 154 149 144 134 112 98 100 97 117 107 108 116
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2018-12-30Herselman, Tino77
f2018-12-15Wilkens, Victor53
a2018-12-10Maxted, Jenni and Mike1
f2018-12-02Olivier, Willem54
a2018-11-30Ward-Smith, Bruce3
a2018-11-28Coetzee, Philip2
f2018-11-08Olivier, Willem49
f2018-10-13Herselman, Tino72
a2018-09-18Smith, Robert Lamont3
f2018-09-13Herselman, Tino61
f2018-08-24Herselman, Tino83
f2018-08-09Herselman, Tino64
f2018-07-28Herselman, Tino66
f2018-06-16Herselman, Tino63
f2018-04-27Herselman, Tino87
f2018-04-21Herselman, Tino94
f2018-04-07Herselman, Tino116
f2018-04-02van Dyk, Zenobia42
f2018-03-29Herselman, Tino111
a2018-03-24Olivier, Willem11
f2018-03-23Herselman, Tino105
f2018-03-17Herselman, Tino101
f2018-02-24Herselman, Tino97
a2018-02-21Joubert, Keith Paul3
a2018-02-12De Swardt, Dawie12
f2018-02-12Herselman, Tino85
f2018-01-28Herselman, Tino83
f2018-01-14Herselman, Tino82
f2018-01-11Olivier, Willem80
f2018-01-05Olivier, Willem53
f2018-01-05Zacharias, Michael Paul6
f2018-01-02Herselman, Tino87
f2017-12-24van Dyk, Zenobia57
f2017-11-26Olivier, Willem39
a2017-11-05Finn, Kyle1
f2017-10-09van Dyk, Zenobia44
f2017-09-24Herselman, Tino87
f2017-08-10van Dyk, Zenobia40
f2017-08-05Herselman, Tino54
f2017-06-28van Dyk, Zenobia31
f2017-06-24Herselman, Tino88
a2017-06-19Davis, Desiree2
f2017-05-16Wright, Dale43
f2017-01-25De Swardt, Dawie53
f2017-01-20De Swardt, Dawie31
f2017-01-15Herselman, Tino60
a2017-01-02Gordon, Ian1
f2016-12-20van Dyk, Zenobia32
a2016-11-26Collett, Alan18
a2016-10-21De Swardt, Dawie6
a2016-10-06Van Rooyen, Johan en Estelle1
a2016-03-23Human, Dirk Maartens6
f2016-01-23Herselman, Tino65
a2016-01-16Kok, Rynhard8
f2015-10-18Herselman, Tino71
f2015-09-22Herselman, Tino48
f2015-07-25Herselman, Tino63
f2015-07-05Herselman, Tino66
f2015-05-02Herselman, Tino87
f2015-04-12Herselman, Tino71
f2015-02-24Herselman, Tino104
f2015-02-04Herselman, Tino82
f2014-12-07Goosen, Janine26
f2014-11-29Herselman, Tino73
f2014-11-22Olivier, Willem68
f2014-10-14Herselman, Tino48
f2014-10-13Collett, Alan49
f2014-09-20Olivier, Willem59
f2014-08-31Perry, Lynton Charles Lloyd26
f2014-07-26Herselman, Tino56
f2014-05-26Herselman, Tino62
f2014-05-05Herselman, Tino71
f2014-03-08Collett, Alan79
f2014-02-16Olivier, Willem68
f2014-01-23Herselman, Tino89
f2014-01-20Peard, Shaun31
f2013-12-01Collett, Alan41
a2013-09-03Wood, Tim11
f2013-04-22van Dyk, Zenobia22
f2009-04-24Theron, Stefan39

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