Pentad summary: 2845_2940 (QDGC: 2829DC)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 26
Adhoc protocol 20
Incidentals 1378
Cards by month
C 413121232421
S 144 50 144 67 99 74 95 109 121 163 124 84
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2018-10-21Buchmann, Eckhart 104
f2018-09-21Buchmann, Eckhart 89
a2018-08-28Arthur, Brad2
a2018-08-14Buchmann, Eckhart 1
f2018-07-28Buchmann, Eckhart 67
f2018-07-13Buchmann, Eckhart 79
f2018-06-03Buchmann, Eckhart 74
f2018-05-06Buchmann, Eckhart 79
a2018-04-06Risch, Claudia1
f2018-03-10Buchmann, Eckhart 126
f2018-01-27Buchmann, Eckhart 100
f2017-11-25Guthrie, Iain Andrew54
a2017-11-24Coetzer, Karin5
f2017-11-18Buchmann, Eckhart 113
a2017-11-12Van Goethem, Werner Marc2
a2017-11-11Whittington-Jones, Craig1
f2017-10-29Buchmann, Eckhart 133
f2017-10-07Buchmann, Eckhart 114
a2017-09-25Boshoff, Willem6
a2017-09-23Ainsley, Jerome2
a2017-09-22Coetzer, Karin2
f2017-09-03Buchmann, Eckhart 99
a2017-08-23Buchmann, Eckhart 1
f2017-08-02Buchmann, Eckhart 81
a2017-06-30de Bruyn, Dries4
f2017-05-21Buchmann, Eckhart 71
f2017-03-26Buchmann, Eckhart 88
a2017-01-09Rimmer, Dave12
a2017-01-05Symes, Craig1
f2017-01-01Buchmann, Eckhart 92
f2016-12-17Buchmann, Eckhart 84
a2016-10-24Gordon, Ian2
a2016-10-18Howes, Caroline 1
a2016-09-05Rimmer, Dave17
a2016-04-18Gordon, Ian3
f2016-04-02Wood, Tim67
a2016-01-09Guthrie, Iain Andrew9
a2015-09-27Featherstone, Andrew John2
a2015-09-27Robinson, Lance2
f2014-03-14Wood, Tim58
f2014-02-14Wood, Tim49
f2013-08-24Summersgill, Colin57
f2013-08-11Guthrie, Iain Andrew41
f2011-01-14Wood, Tim67
f2011-01-05Summersgill, Colin69
f2009-10-24Summersgill, Colin75

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
110320E. Buckmann20202121231117214
2166Mr T.G. Wood1111000000004112
3278Mr C.V. Summersgill1000000101003111
410870Mr I.A.Guthrie000000010010271
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