Pentad summary: 2810_2815 (QDGC: 2828AB)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 202
Adhoc protocol 32
Incidentals 2345
Cards by month
C 261015151313142214211326
S 195 162 163 162 129 131 131 152 141 185 167 189
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2019-02-04Nel, Kevin Louis63
f2019-01-30Nel, Kevin Louis86
f2019-01-27Kleynhans, Dawie71
f2019-01-27Potgieter, Martin & Melanie119
f2019-01-25Nel, Kevin Louis106
a2019-01-21Behrens, Albert Friedrich Wilhelm3
f2019-01-19Potgieter, Martin & Melanie113
f2019-01-12Potgieter, Martin & Melanie120
f2019-01-08Nel, Kevin Louis43
f2019-01-06Potgieter, Martin & Melanie105
f2019-01-03Nel, Kevin Louis100
f2018-12-30Potgieter, Martin & Melanie125
f2018-12-23Potgieter, Martin & Melanie109
f2018-12-15Potgieter, Martin & Melanie107
a2018-12-14Nel, Kevin Louis1
f2018-12-09Nel, Kevin Louis63
f2018-12-08Potgieter, Martin & Melanie110
f2018-12-02Potgieter, Martin & Melanie101
f2018-11-24Potgieter, Martin & Melanie108
f2018-11-23Nel, Kevin Louis63
f2018-11-13Nel, Kevin Louis39
f2018-11-10Potgieter, Martin & Melanie110
f2018-11-08Nel, Kevin Louis69
a2018-11-08Archer, Tony7
a2018-11-02Arthur, Brad6
f2018-10-28Potgieter, Martin & Melanie104
f2018-10-25Nel, Kevin Louis40
f2018-10-19Nel, Kevin Louis87
f2018-10-14Potgieter, Martin & Melanie116
f2018-10-14Nel, Kevin Louis105
f2018-10-04Nel, Kevin Louis75
f2018-09-30Potgieter, Martin & Melanie103
f2018-09-28Nel, Kevin Louis43
f2018-09-18Nel, Kevin Louis62
f2018-09-16Potgieter, Martin & Melanie93
a2018-09-09Nel, Kevin Louis1
f2018-09-08Nel, Kevin Louis54
f2018-09-03Nel, Kevin Louis80
a2018-09-03Nel, Kevin Louis80
f2018-08-31Potgieter, Martin & Melanie91
f2018-08-29Nel, Kevin Louis26
f2018-08-25Kleynhans, Dawie57
f2018-08-23Nel, Kevin Louis67
f2018-08-19Potgieter, Martin & Melanie93
f2018-08-15Nel, Kevin Louis60
f2018-08-10Nel, Kevin Louis16
f2018-08-05Nel, Kevin Louis56
f2018-07-08Potgieter, Martin & Melanie82
f2018-07-01Nel, Kevin Louis53
f2018-06-24Nel, Kevin Louis14
f2018-06-17Potgieter, Martin & Melanie92
f2018-06-16Nel, Kevin Louis50
f2018-06-08Nel, Kevin Louis25
f2018-05-23Nel, Kevin Louis26
f2018-05-20Potgieter, Martin & Melanie90
a2018-05-17Jordaan, Laura4
f2018-05-06Nel, Kevin Louis67
f2018-04-29Potgieter, Martin & Melanie81
f2018-04-22Potgieter, Martin & Melanie89
f2018-04-20Nel, Kevin Louis40
f2018-04-05Nel, Kevin Louis48
a2018-04-05Schultz, Anton1
a2018-03-27Nel, Kevin Louis1
f2018-03-23Potgieter, Martin & Melanie101
f2018-03-17Potgieter, Martin & Melanie97
f2018-03-17Nel, Kevin Louis62
f2018-03-12Nel, Kevin Louis35
f2018-03-07Nel, Kevin Louis55
f2018-03-03Potgieter, Martin & Melanie114
f2018-03-02Nel, Kevin Louis94
a2018-03-02Nel, Kevin Louis94
f2018-02-18Potgieter, Martin & Melanie104
f2018-02-18Nel, Kevin Louis74
a2018-02-18Nel, Kevin Louis74
f2018-02-11Nel, Kevin Louis66
f2018-01-20Nel, Kevin Louis21
f2018-01-15Nel, Kevin Louis35
f2018-01-09Nel, Kevin Louis71
f2018-01-05Kleynhans, Dawie72
f2018-01-03Nel, Kevin Louis38
f2018-01-01Potgieter, Martin & Melanie100
f2017-12-24Potgieter, Martin & Melanie107
f2017-12-23Nel, Kevin Louis71
f2017-12-17Potgieter, Martin & Melanie105
f2017-12-15Nel, Kevin Louis91
f2017-11-28Jansen, Jannie68
f2017-11-19Nel, Kevin Louis66
f2017-11-12Potgieter, Martin & Melanie103
f2017-10-15Potgieter, Martin & Melanie99
a2017-10-06Nel, Kevin Louis84
f2017-10-01Nel, Kevin Louis68
a2017-09-25Coetzer, Karin7
f2017-09-24Nel, Kevin Louis38
f2017-09-17Potgieter, Martin & Melanie80
f2017-08-24Nel, Kevin Louis38
f2017-08-20Potgieter, Martin & Melanie83
a2017-08-06Nel, Kevin Louis1
f2017-08-01Nel, Kevin Louis23
f2017-07-23Potgieter, Martin & Melanie79
a2017-07-23Nel, Kevin Louis20
a2017-07-18Nel, Kevin Louis20
f2017-07-14Nel, Kevin Louis53
a2017-07-10Nel, Kevin Louis15
f2017-07-01Nel, Kevin Louis54
f2017-06-30Nel, Kevin Louis33
f2017-06-25Nel, Kevin Louis29
a2017-06-19Davis, Desiree9
f2017-05-14Potgieter, Martin & Melanie81
f2017-05-04Griffith, Gertie10
f2017-04-23Potgieter, Martin & Melanie91
f2017-03-26Potgieter, Martin & Melanie94
f2017-03-05Kleynhans, Dawie33
f2017-02-26Nel, Kevin Louis39
a2017-02-26Vermeulen, CW1
f2017-02-19Potgieter, Martin & Melanie106
f2017-01-22Potgieter, Martin & Melanie100
a2017-01-05Venter, Riaan24
a2017-01-01Jansen, Jannie2
f2016-12-31Potgieter, Martin & Melanie105
f2016-12-24Kleynhans, Dawie37
a2016-12-18Venter, Riaan3
f2016-11-27Potgieter, Martin & Melanie100
a2016-11-26Venter, Riaan26
a2016-11-16Archer, Tony5
f2016-10-18Potgieter, Martin & Melanie90
f2016-10-16Potgieter, Martin & Melanie102
a2016-10-07Van Goethem, Werner Marc2
f2016-08-21Potgieter, Martin & Melanie84
a2016-08-09Venter, Riaan3
f2016-08-06Kleynhans, Dawie57
f2016-07-23Potgieter, Martin & Melanie81
f2016-06-26Potgieter, Martin & Melanie81
f2016-05-22Potgieter, Martin & Melanie89
f2016-04-17Potgieter, Martin & Melanie97
f2016-03-27Potgieter, Martin & Melanie93
a2016-03-23Archer, Tony8
f2016-02-21Potgieter, Martin & Melanie102
f2016-01-17Potgieter, Martin & Melanie118
f2015-12-13Potgieter, Martin & Melanie111
a2015-11-07STRATTON, MIKE3
f2015-10-18Potgieter, Martin & Melanie103
a2015-10-01Venter, Riaan35
f2015-09-13Potgieter, Martin & Melanie85
f2015-08-16Potgieter, Martin & Melanie83
f2015-07-19Potgieter, Martin & Melanie79
f2015-06-28Potgieter, Martin & Melanie84
f2015-05-17Potgieter, Martin & Melanie86
f2015-04-19Potgieter, Martin & Melanie102
f2015-03-22Potgieter, Martin & Melanie105
f2015-02-22Potgieter, Martin & Melanie109
f2015-01-25Potgieter, Martin & Melanie113
f2014-12-28Potgieter, Martin & Melanie102
f2014-10-17Kleynhans, Dawie72
f2014-10-12Potgieter, Martin & Melanie81
f2014-08-31Potgieter, Martin & Melanie81
f2014-08-17Potgieter, Martin & Melanie76
f2014-07-20Potgieter, Martin & Melanie77
f2014-06-22Potgieter, Martin & Melanie77
f2014-05-11Potgieter, Martin & Melanie83
f2014-04-13Potgieter, Martin & Melanie86
f2014-03-02Potgieter, Martin & Melanie95
f2014-01-12Potgieter, Martin & Melanie103
f2013-12-22Kleynhans, Dawie73
f2013-12-16Potgieter, Martin & Melanie86
f2013-11-13Cox JH & KC, John & Kim51
f2013-11-03Cox JH & KC, John & Kim48
f2013-10-06Potgieter, Martin & Melanie85
f2013-09-08Potgieter, Martin & Melanie82
f2013-08-04Potgieter, Martin & Melanie82
f2013-07-07Potgieter, Martin & Melanie77
f2013-05-19Potgieter, Martin & Melanie80
f2013-03-30Potgieter, Martin & Melanie81
f2013-02-16Potgieter, Martin & Melanie106
f2013-01-06Potgieter, Martin & Melanie105
f2012-11-23Kleynhans, Dawie71
f2012-10-28Potgieter, Martin & Melanie90
f2012-09-23Potgieter, Martin & Melanie80
f2012-08-25Potgieter, Martin & Melanie79
f2012-06-17Potgieter, Martin & Melanie74
f2012-05-03Griffith, Gertie11
a2012-04-30Brown, Dave10
f2012-04-22Potgieter, Martin & Melanie86
f2012-03-25Potgieter, Martin & Melanie91
a2012-02-09Carstens, Bev18
f2012-02-05Potgieter, Martin & Melanie108
f2012-01-15Potgieter, Martin & Melanie88
f2012-01-08Potgieter, Martin & Melanie100
f2011-12-25Rossouw, Wessel Jacobus73
f2011-12-11Rossouw, Wessel Jacobus62
f2011-12-04Potgieter, Martin & Melanie90
f2011-10-20De Vos, Wouter G.84
f2011-10-15Potgieter, Martin & Melanie107
f2011-10-09Potgieter, Martin & Melanie91
f2011-09-25Potgieter, Martin & Melanie86
f2011-08-01De Vos, Wouter G.60
f2011-07-27De Vos, Wouter G.40
f2011-07-03Potgieter, Martin & Melanie67
f2011-05-02Jansen, Jannie57
f2011-04-24Potgieter, Martin & Melanie73
f2011-04-03Potgieter, Martin & Melanie81
f2011-01-08Potgieter, Martin & Melanie100
f2010-12-26Rossouw, Wessel Jacobus84
f2010-10-10Potgieter, Martin & Melanie81
f2010-10-02Rossouw, Wessel Jacobus57
f2010-09-26Potgieter, Martin & Melanie80
f2010-08-29Potgieter, Martin & Melanie75
f2010-07-18Kleynhans, Dawie62
f2010-07-10Potgieter, Martin & Melanie70
f2010-06-20Potgieter, Martin & Melanie75
f2010-05-23Potgieter, Martin & Melanie78
f2010-04-18Potgieter, Martin & Melanie86
f2010-04-04Potgieter, Martin & Melanie94
f2010-03-19Jansen, Jannie69
f2010-01-24Potgieter, Martin & Melanie82
f2009-12-26Steyn, Nico38
f2009-12-20Potgieter, Martin & Melanie83
f2009-12-20Rossouw, Wessel Jacobus74
f2009-12-13Rossouw, Wessel Jacobus69
f2009-12-06Potgieter, Martin & Melanie81
f2009-11-14Potgieter, Martin & Melanie64
a2009-09-14De Swardt, Dawie11
f2009-09-04Steyn, Nico36
f2009-08-23Rossouw, Wessel Jacobus43
f2009-07-19Kleynhans, Dawie57
f2009-06-13Jansen, Jannie41
f2009-04-15Jansen, Jannie54
f2009-04-10Buschke, Theo32
f2009-01-31Kleynhans, Dawie66
f2009-01-13Aiston, Garth38
f2008-12-11Buschke, Theo32
f2008-10-27Kleynhans, Herman56
f2008-08-12du Plessis, Dewald14
f2008-06-18du Plessis, Dewald22
f2008-05-30du Plessis, Dewald17

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
12043MR M. Potgieter14691176810812514110218
215454Mr K Nel84422537554352191
3527Mr DH Kleynhans30100022011212139
411060Mr WJ Rossouw0000000101057122
510821Mr J Jansen0011110000105109
611963Mr W. G. De Vos0000001101003100
710345Mr D du Plessis000011010000332
811863Mr & Mrs J Cox JH & KC000000000020265
911066Mr N. Steyn000000001001249
1011004Mr F.T. Buschke000100000001240
11174Mrs G Griffith000020000000217
121113Mr G. Aiston100000000000138
1310894Mr H. Kleynhans000000000100156
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