Pentad summary: 2800_3220 (QDGC: 2832AB)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 33
Adhoc protocol 10
Incidentals 2
Cards by month
C 231221323374
S 89 188 24 42 77 71 156 96 164 118 192 160
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2017-08-21Mates, Daniela67
a2017-08-20Vasapolli, Dylan1
a2017-07-25Lourens , Pierre Jacobus 3
f2017-07-01Buckham, Michael121
a2017-06-24Grant, Ian6
f2017-04-12de la Rey, Jean-Pierre13
f2016-11-26Kinghorn, John44
a2016-02-05van den Bergh, Danie1
a2015-11-28Kinghorn, John13
a2015-09-27de Vries, Penny2
a2015-09-25de Vries, Penny5
f2015-05-07Vorster, Tom34
f2015-03-12Nupen, Peter24
f2014-12-23Balt, Renier74
a2014-11-23Nel, Henk2
a2014-11-23Ainsley, Jerome2
f2014-10-26Wilson, Crystelle52
f2014-06-25Cox JH & KC, John & Kim71
f2013-10-02Cox JH & KC, John & Kim86
f2013-09-17Cox JH & KC, John & Kim88
f2013-02-24Johnstone, Richard Alan53
f2013-02-24Gouws, Johan57
f2013-02-11Glasson, Ashwell 164
f2013-01-04Taylor, Alan Gordon20
f2012-07-10Cox JH & KC, John & Kim58
f2011-11-23Potgieter, Martin76
f2011-09-17Craig, Yvonne47
f2011-08-16Cox JH & KC, John & Kim48
f2010-10-30Pretorius, Barend30
a2010-07-27Raubenheimer, Denni & Yolande14
f2009-12-09Glasson, Ashwell 78
f2009-11-23Wood, Tim70
f2009-11-21Bishop, Dave74
f2009-07-01Gill, Michael36
f2009-05-08Glasson, Ashwell 59
f2009-04-26Featherstone, Andrew John35
f2008-12-31Glasson, Ashwell 36
f2008-12-06Staal, Lara57
f2008-11-24Wood, Tim88
f2008-11-21Whittington, Phil47
f2008-01-28Lawson, Peter73
f2007-11-20Wood, Tim43
f2007-09-16Wood, Tim102

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
111863Mr & Mrs J Cox JH & KC0000011111005148
2166Mr T.G. Wood0000000010304172
31403Mr A Glasson0100100000024195
4109Mr D. Bishop000000000010173
510572Mr R Johnstone010000000000153
610857Mr A J Featherstone000100000000135
710916Mr J.A. Gouws010000000000157
910958Mr J Kinghorn000000000010144
1012062Mr J-P de la Rey000100000000113
1113177Mr A Taylor100000000000120
1210515Mr M Gill000000100000136
1310478Mr M. Buckham0000001000001121
1410422Mr B. Pretorius000000000100130
15195Dr P Whittington000000000010148
16312Mrs Y. Craig000000001000147
171623Mr P Nupen001000000000124
182043MR M. Potgieter000000000010176
1910062Mr T Vorster000010000000134
2010065Mr P Lawson100000000000173
2110207Ms C. Wilson000000000100152
2210210 R Balt000000000001174
2314715Ms D Mates000000010000167
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