Pentad summary: 2750_3050 (QDGC: 2730DD)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 25
Adhoc protocol 2
Incidentals 455
Cards by month
C 111313112218
S 105 100 76 117 81 102 86 116 142 139 128 199
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2018-06-24Fourie, Marcus36
f2018-04-29Fourie, Marcus27
a2018-04-22Fourie, Marcus2
f2017-12-30Fourie, Marcus17
f2017-12-23Fourie, Marcus42
f2017-12-23McKenzie, Duncan125
a2017-12-07Fourie, Marcus5
f2017-12-02Fourie, Marcus81
f2017-10-01McKenzie, Duncan120
f2016-06-28McKenzie, Duncan75
f2016-04-28McKenzie, Duncan93
f2015-12-31McKenzie, Duncan139
f2014-12-21McKenzie, Duncan131
f2013-12-23McKenzie, Duncan109
f2013-09-08McKenzie, Duncan80
f2011-11-06McKenzie, Duncan128
f2011-01-01McKenzie, Duncan105
f2010-06-06McKenzie, Duncan79
f2010-05-12McKenzie, Duncan81
f2010-04-11McKenzie, Duncan80
f2010-03-11Everard, David Alexander76
f2009-12-25McKenzie, Duncan103
f2009-07-05McKenzie, Duncan86
f2009-02-20McKenzie, Duncan100
f2008-10-25Keeve, AP105
f2007-09-16McKenzie, Duncan129
f2007-08-16McKenzie, Duncan116

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