Pentad summary: 2745_3045 (QDGC: 2730DD)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 63
Adhoc protocol 13
Incidentals 26
Cards by month
C 7435563472215
S 241 166 191 183 184 177 153 160 219 158 162 260
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
a2017-05-06Zacharias, Michael Paul10
f2017-05-01McKenzie, Duncan Robert105
a2017-04-16Steffensen, Paul38
f2017-04-13McKenzie, Duncan Robert116
a2017-03-16De Villiers, Johan4
f2017-01-06Steffensen, Paul51
a2016-12-19Kassier, Dieter37
a2016-12-16Coetzer, Karin2
a2016-12-09Snyman, Johan15
a2016-11-28Gordon, Ian5
f2016-09-16McKenzie, Duncan Robert135
f2016-06-25McKenzie, Duncan Robert123
a2016-06-11Pretorius, Rina2
f2016-05-01McKenzie, Duncan Robert114
f2016-04-24McKenzie, Duncan Robert131
a2016-03-31Van Bulderen, Robert5
f2016-01-01McKenzie, Duncan Robert210
f2015-12-27Kassier, Dieter79
f2015-12-22Kassier, Dieter56
f2015-12-17McKenzie, Duncan Robert140
a2015-12-09Sutton, Guy5
f2015-12-09Groenewald, Christoph71
a2015-11-09Van Goethem, Werner Marc3
f2015-06-28Verster, Pieter34
a2015-04-24De Swardt, Dawie3
f2015-02-13Zacharias, Michael Paul13
f2015-02-13Zacharias, Pete16
f2015-01-02McKenzie, Duncan Robert173
f2014-12-28McKenzie, Duncan Robert121
f2014-12-17McKenzie, Duncan Robert149
f2014-12-12McKenzie, Duncan Robert128
f2014-08-16Zacharias, Pete25
f2014-08-16Zacharias, Michael Paul21
f2014-06-26McKenzie, Duncan Robert108
f2014-01-02McKenzie, Duncan Robert141
f2013-12-22McKenzie, Duncan Robert124
f2013-12-22Groenewald, Christoph30
f2013-09-08McKenzie, Duncan Robert109
f2013-04-01McKenzie, Duncan Robert129
f2012-12-28McKenzie, Duncan Robert172
f2012-12-14McKenzie, Duncan Robert122
f2012-06-22McKenzie, Duncan Robert115
f2012-03-11McKenzie, Duncan Robert136
f2012-01-01McKenzie, Duncan Robert160
f2011-11-06McKenzie, Duncan Robert130
f2011-09-09McKenzie, Duncan Robert126
f2011-07-26McKenzie, Duncan Robert101
a2011-06-20Gerrans, Colin Allen1
f2011-06-10McKenzie, Duncan Robert109
f2011-02-13McKenzie, Duncan Robert137
f2011-01-01McKenzie, Duncan Robert146
f2010-10-23McKenzie, Duncan Robert126
f2010-09-11McKenzie, Duncan Robert111
f2010-08-24McKenzie, Duncan Robert117
f2010-07-06McKenzie, Duncan Robert108
f2010-05-10McKenzie, Duncan Robert118
f2010-04-05McKenzie, Duncan Robert114
f2010-01-30McKenzie, Duncan Robert124
f2009-12-23McKenzie, Duncan Robert150
f2009-09-30Meyer, Jurgen102
f2009-07-04McKenzie, Duncan Robert126
f2009-05-29McKenzie, Duncan Robert114
f2009-02-18McKenzie, Duncan Robert131
f2008-12-05McKenzie, Duncan Robert152
f2008-11-22Keeve, AP126
f2008-10-18Keeve, AP115
f2008-08-22McKenzie, Duncan Robert121
f2008-06-26McKenzie, Duncan Robert122
f2008-05-03Keeve, AP102
f2008-04-26McKenzie, Duncan Robert118
f2008-03-29McKenzie, Duncan Robert157
f2008-03-22Meyer, Jurgen105
f2007-12-31McKenzie, Duncan Robert158
f2007-12-17McKenzie, Duncan Robert147
f2007-09-24McKenzie, Duncan Robert100
f2007-09-18McKenzie, Duncan Robert169

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
1459Mr D.R. McKenzie622545326111148305
21683Mr A. Keeve0000100001103164
310232Mr D O Kassier000000000002294
410342Mr JH Meyer0010000010002137
513434Mr C Groenewald000000000002278
614577Dr P Zacharias010000010000230
714587Mr M Zacharias010000010000225
82016Mr P Steffensen100000000000151
914447Mr P Verster000001000000134

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