Pentad summary: 2610_2815 (QDGC: 2628AB)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 372
Adhoc protocol 58
Incidentals 88
Cards by month
C 403125292833233332283535
S 153 153 130 127 113 112 110 120 119 126 153 134
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2017-05-20Van Goethem, Werner Marc38
f2017-05-15Van Goethem, Werner Marc39
f2017-05-10Van Goethem, Werner Marc39
f2017-05-09Louw, Ian41
f2017-05-05Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
f2017-04-30Van Goethem, Werner Marc43
f2017-04-25Van Goethem, Werner Marc45
f2017-04-21Johnson, Michael67
f2017-04-20Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
a2017-04-19Botha, Christoffel3
f2017-04-17Geyser, Rihann 39
f2017-04-16Johnson, Michael60
f2017-04-15Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2017-04-13Kanichowsky, Felicity39
f2017-04-11Johnson, Michael68
f2017-04-10Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
f2017-04-06Johnson, Michael61
f2017-04-05Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
f2017-04-01Verster, Pieter60
f2017-04-01Johnson, Michael61
f2017-03-31Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
f2017-03-27Johnson, Michael61
f2017-03-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc48
f2017-03-22Johnson, Michael62
f2017-03-21Van Goethem, Werner Marc45
f2017-03-17Johnson, Michael57
f2017-03-16Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
f2017-03-12Johnson, Michael64
f2017-03-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc59
f2017-03-07Johnson, Michael66
f2017-03-06Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
f2017-03-02Johnson, Michael107
f2017-03-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc55
f2017-02-25Kanichowsky, Felicity59
f2017-02-25Johnson, Michael75
f2017-02-24Van Goethem, Werner Marc47
f2017-02-20Johnson, Michael67
f2017-02-19van Heerden, Jan38
f2017-02-19Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
f2017-02-15Johnson, Michael56
f2017-02-14Van Goethem, Werner Marc35
f2017-02-10Johnson, Michael49
f2017-02-09Van Goethem, Werner Marc48
f2017-02-05Johnson, Michael65
f2017-02-04Van Goethem, Werner Marc59
f2017-02-04Hobson, Ian39
f2017-01-31Johnson, Michael51
a2017-01-31Johnson, Michael51
f2017-01-30Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
a2017-01-29Curtis, Clive5
f2017-01-26Johnson, Michael52
f2017-01-25Van Goethem, Werner Marc49
f2017-01-23Kanichowsky, Felicity55
f2017-01-21Johnson, Michael74
f2017-01-20Van Goethem, Werner Marc59
f2017-01-16Johnson, Michael43
f2017-01-15Van Goethem, Werner Marc52
f2017-01-11Johnson, Michael46
f2017-01-10Van Goethem, Werner Marc56
f2017-01-08van Heerden, Jan28
f2017-01-06Johnson, Michael56
f2017-01-05Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
a2017-01-01De Klerk, Rina1
f2017-01-01Johnson, Michael60
f2016-12-31Van Goethem, Werner Marc59
f2016-12-27Johnson, Michael61
f2016-12-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
f2016-12-24van Heerden, Jan37
f2016-12-22Johnson, Michael74
f2016-12-21Van Goethem, Werner Marc60
a2016-12-18Groom, Bryan41
f2016-12-18Groom, Hilary38
f2016-12-16Van Goethem, Werner Marc56
f2016-12-16Johnson, Michael25
a2016-12-16Johnson, Michael25
f2016-12-13Featherstone, Andrew John45
f2016-12-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc66
f2016-12-11Johnson, Michael42
f2016-12-10Branfield, Andy45
f2016-12-07Kanichowsky, Felicity70
f2016-12-07Coetzee, Awie67
f2016-12-06Van Goethem, Werner Marc64
f2016-12-06Johnson, Michael25
a2016-12-06Johnson, Michael25
f2016-12-04van Heerden, Jan39
f2016-12-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc45
f2016-12-01Johnson, Michael42
a2016-11-26Steenkamp, Ronel23
f2016-11-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc71
f2016-11-25Johnson, Michael28
f2016-11-21Van Goethem, Werner Marc56
f2016-11-19Johnson, Michael23
a2016-11-19Johnson, Michael23
a2016-11-18NAVEN, Adriana2
f2016-11-16Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2016-11-14Johnson, Michael37
f2016-11-13Featherstone, Andrew John49
f2016-11-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc63
f2016-11-09Johnson, Michael50
f2016-11-06Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
a2016-11-05Vincent, Anneke33
a2016-11-05Durand, Lydia39
f2016-11-04Johnson, Michael44
f2016-11-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc49
a2016-10-30Canto, Keanu32
f2016-10-28Van Goethem, Werner Marc62
f2016-10-28Johnson, Michael41
f2016-10-23Van Goethem, Werner Marc67
f2016-10-23Johnson, Michael43
f2016-10-18Van Goethem, Werner Marc60
f2016-10-18Johnson, Michael36
f2016-10-13Van Goethem, Werner Marc72
f2016-10-13Johnson, Michael32
f2016-10-08Van Goethem, Werner Marc62
f2016-10-08Johnson, Michael73
a2016-10-07Curtis, Clive12
f2016-10-03Johnson, Michael46
f2016-09-29Van Goethem, Werner Marc38
f2016-09-27Groom, Hilary17
f2016-09-26Johnson, Michael40
f2016-09-24Van Goethem, Werner Marc66
f2016-09-21Johnson, Michael48
f2016-09-19Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
f2016-09-16Johnson, Michael40
a2016-09-15Curtis, Clive13
a2016-09-14Boyce, Jason Kyle5
f2016-09-14Van Goethem, Werner Marc52
f2016-09-11Johnson, Michael40
f2016-09-09Van Goethem, Werner Marc57
f2016-09-06Johnson, Michael33
f2016-09-04Van Goethem, Werner Marc52
f2016-08-30Van Goethem, Werner Marc54
f2016-08-29Johnson, Michael28
f2016-08-27Groom, Bryan56
f2016-08-27Groom, Hilary57
f2016-08-25Van Goethem, Werner Marc54
f2016-08-20Van Goethem, Werner Marc56
f2016-08-20Teichert, Eduard48
f2016-08-17Johnson, Michael31
f2016-08-15Van Goethem, Werner Marc49
f2016-08-11Johnson, Michael31
a2016-08-11Johnson, Michael30
f2016-08-10Van Goethem, Werner Marc45
f2016-08-04Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
f2016-07-30Van Goethem, Werner Marc40
f2016-07-25Van Goethem, Werner Marc45
f2016-07-20Van Goethem, Werner Marc58
f2016-07-15Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
f2016-07-10Van Goethem, Werner Marc45
a2016-07-09van Rooyen, Suzaan34
f2016-07-05Van Goethem, Werner Marc43
a2016-06-30du Preez, Johann2
f2016-06-30Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
f2016-06-25Van Goethem, Werner Marc41
f2016-06-20Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
f2016-06-16van Heerden, Jan36
f2016-06-15Van Goethem, Werner Marc48
f2016-06-10Van Goethem, Werner Marc54
f2016-06-05Van Goethem, Werner Marc41
f2016-06-05Johnson, Michael57
a2016-06-05Johnson, Michael57
f2016-05-31Van Goethem, Werner Marc41
f2016-05-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc47
f2016-05-21Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
f2016-05-18Featherstone, Andrew John46
f2016-05-16Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
f2016-05-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
f2016-05-08Coetzee, Awie34
f2016-05-06Van Goethem, Werner Marc45
f2016-05-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc48
f2016-04-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc48
f2016-04-21Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
f2016-04-16Van Goethem, Werner Marc47
f2016-04-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
f2016-04-09Kleynhans, Dawie54
f2016-04-06Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
f2016-04-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
f2016-03-27Van Goethem, Werner Marc55
f2016-03-22Van Goethem, Werner Marc56
f2016-03-17Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
f2016-03-12Van Goethem, Werner Marc57
f2016-03-07Van Goethem, Werner Marc48
f2016-03-02Van Goethem, Werner Marc59
f2016-02-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc66
f2016-02-21Van Goethem, Werner Marc48
f2016-02-16Van Goethem, Werner Marc49
f2016-02-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc47
f2016-02-06Van Goethem, Werner Marc71
f2016-02-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc64
f2016-01-27Van Goethem, Werner Marc52
a2016-01-27Zacharias, Michael Paul2
f2016-01-23Kanichowsky, Felicity60
f2016-01-22Van Goethem, Werner Marc73
f2016-01-17Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
f2016-01-12Van Goethem, Werner Marc69
a2016-01-10Human, Dirk Maartens2
f2016-01-09Johnson, Michael68
a2016-01-09Johnson, Michael68
f2016-01-07Van Goethem, Werner Marc61
a2016-01-02Jansen, Jannie23
f2016-01-02Meyer, Cameron80
f2016-01-02Van Goethem, Werner Marc58
f2015-12-30Van Goethem, Werner Marc65
f2015-12-25Van Goethem, Werner Marc65
f2015-12-20Van Goethem, Werner Marc52
a2015-12-17Glasson, Ashwell 13
f2015-12-15Van Goethem, Werner Marc60
a2015-12-12Nel, Ida5
f2015-12-10Van Goethem, Werner Marc74
a2015-12-06Featherstone, Andrew John5
f2015-12-05Van Goethem, Werner Marc62
f2015-11-30Van Goethem, Werner Marc64
f2015-11-26Benadie, Martin 62
f2015-11-25Van Goethem, Werner Marc68
f2015-11-20Van Goethem, Werner Marc52
f2015-11-16Wienand, Robert55
f2015-11-15Meyer, Cameron65
f2015-11-15Van Goethem, Werner Marc65
f2015-11-10Van Goethem, Werner Marc49
f2015-11-03Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2015-10-29Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
f2015-10-25Groom, Hilary27
f2015-10-24Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2015-10-19Van Goethem, Werner Marc57
a2015-10-19Howes, Caroline 33
f2015-10-14Van Goethem, Werner Marc61
f2015-10-09Van Goethem, Werner Marc63
f2015-10-06Brown, Mark & Kelly27
f2015-10-04van Heerden, Jan43
f2015-10-04Van Goethem, Werner Marc68
f2015-09-29Van Goethem, Werner Marc42
f2015-09-24Van Goethem, Werner Marc56
f2015-09-19Van Goethem, Werner Marc61
f2015-09-14Van Goethem, Werner Marc39
f2015-09-09Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2015-09-04Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
f2015-08-30Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
f2015-08-25Van Goethem, Werner Marc57
f2015-08-20Van Goethem, Werner Marc61
f2015-08-15Van Goethem, Werner Marc47
f2015-08-10Van Goethem, Werner Marc38
f2015-08-05Van Goethem, Werner Marc29
f2015-07-31Van Goethem, Werner Marc54
f2015-07-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc39
f2015-07-21Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
f2015-07-16Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
f2015-07-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc48
f2015-07-06Van Goethem, Werner Marc39
f2015-07-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
f2015-06-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc25
f2015-06-21Van Goethem, Werner Marc32
f2015-06-16Van Goethem, Werner Marc47
f2015-06-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
f2015-06-06Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
a2015-06-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc30
f2015-05-29Ainsley, Jerome46
f2015-05-27Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2015-05-22Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
f2015-05-17Van Goethem, Werner Marc47
f2015-05-14Clacey, Mike & Chibby42
f2015-05-12Van Goethem, Werner Marc55
f2015-05-07Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
f2015-05-02Van Goethem, Werner Marc54
f2015-04-27Van Goethem, Werner Marc42
f2015-04-22Van Goethem, Werner Marc47
f2015-04-17Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
f2015-04-08Van Goethem, Werner Marc29
f2015-04-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
f2015-03-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2015-03-21Van Goethem, Werner Marc40
f2015-03-16Van Goethem, Werner Marc43
f2015-03-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc49
f2015-03-06Van Goethem, Werner Marc56
f2015-02-19Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
a2015-02-15Meyer, Cameron53
f2015-02-14Van Goethem, Werner Marc42
f2015-02-09Van Goethem, Werner Marc38
f2015-01-27Van Goethem, Werner Marc40
f2015-01-22Van Goethem, Werner Marc47
f2015-01-20Lockwood, Geoff65
f2015-01-17Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2015-01-16Lavery, Kevin Raymond29
f2015-01-12Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
f2015-01-07Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2015-01-02Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2014-12-28Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2014-12-23Van Goethem, Werner Marc59
f2014-12-18Van Goethem, Werner Marc47
f2014-12-13Van Goethem, Werner Marc52
f2014-12-07Van Goethem, Werner Marc24
f2014-12-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc45
f2014-11-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc84
f2014-11-22Branfield, Andy45
f2014-11-21Van Goethem, Werner Marc54
f2014-11-20Lockwood, Geoff72
f2014-11-05Van Goethem, Werner Marc44
a2014-10-27Johnson, Michael128
a2014-10-19Groom, Hilary20
f2014-10-14Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
f2014-10-09Van Goethem, Werner Marc45
f2014-10-04Van Goethem, Werner Marc58
f2014-09-27Van Goethem, Werner Marc43
f2014-09-22Van Goethem, Werner Marc63
f2014-09-17Van Goethem, Werner Marc52
f2014-09-12Van Goethem, Werner Marc49
f2014-09-07Van Goethem, Werner Marc51
f2014-09-02Van Goethem, Werner Marc53
f2014-08-28Van Goethem, Werner Marc49
f2014-08-18Van Goethem, Werner Marc61
f2014-08-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc38
f2014-08-05Van Goethem, Werner Marc58
f2014-07-31Van Goethem, Werner Marc48
f2014-07-25Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
f2014-07-18Lockwood, Geoff36
f2014-07-18Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
f2014-07-02Van Goethem, Werner Marc36
f2014-06-27Archer, Tony42
f2014-06-27Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
f2014-06-22Groom, Hilary19
f2014-06-22van Stuyvenberg, Stefan 41
f2014-06-22Van Goethem, Werner Marc49
f2014-06-17Van Goethem, Werner Marc42
f2014-06-15Perrins, Niall34
f2014-06-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc50
a2014-06-08Ward-Smith, Bruce30
f2014-06-07Terblanche, Stephan60
f2014-06-06Van Goethem, Werner Marc45
a2014-06-05Nel, Henk42
f2014-06-05Vasapolli, Dylan56
f2014-06-03van Rensburg, Johan33
f2014-06-01van Zyl, Debbie46
f2014-06-01Boyce, Jason Kyle45
f2014-06-01Kalmer, Elouise44
f2014-06-01Van Goethem, Werner Marc35
f2014-05-31Marais, Etienne56
f2014-05-31Oertli, Sue45
f2014-05-31Spies, Leon52
a2014-04-20Groom, Bryan32
a2014-04-20Groom, Hilary35
f2014-04-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc31
f2014-02-19Van Goethem, Werner Marc40
a2014-02-05Ward-Smith, Bruce43
f2014-01-31Guthrie, Iain Andrew61
f2013-11-23Van Goethem, Werner Marc43
a2013-11-13Groom, Hilary36
f2013-11-02Geyser, Rihann 62
f2013-09-23Ward-Smith, Bruce45
a2013-06-24Ward-Smith, Bruce26
f2013-04-21Branfield, Andy35
a2013-04-21Ward-Smith, Bruce18
a2013-03-22Ward-Smith, Bruce35
f2013-01-28Whittington-Jones, Craig58
f2013-01-28Retief, Ernst44
f2013-01-02Ward-Smith, Bruce38
f2012-10-21Moore, Charles William45
f2012-10-02Egen, Grant54
f2012-08-31Pike, Warren28
f2012-06-14Lavery, Kevin Raymond34
f2012-06-01Pike, Warren26
f2012-05-03Lavery, Kevin Raymond37
f2012-03-21Branfield, Andy52
f2012-02-29de Beer, Errol78
f2011-12-04Groom, Bryan59
a2011-10-23Groom, Bryan15
f2011-10-16van Deventer, Lisl55
f2011-10-16Boyce, Jason Kyle61
a2011-08-27Groom, Bryan39
f2011-08-27Groom, Hilary38
f2011-08-11Groom, Bryan43
f2011-08-09Groom, Bryan45
f2011-08-09Groom, Hilary45
f2011-08-07Branfield, Andy53
f2011-07-23van Deventer, Lisl52
a2011-05-11Heywood, John36
f2011-02-09Whittington-Jones, Craig58
f2011-02-03Whittington-Jones, Craig63
f2010-11-20Tittley, Mark50
f2010-11-07Robinson, Lance78
f2010-11-07Kanichowsky, Felicity55
a2010-11-06Groom, Hilary43
f2010-11-03Wishart, Lawrence Tye71
f2010-09-26Aiston, Garth64
f2010-09-19Oertli, Sue59
f2010-09-09Marais, Etienne56
f2010-08-07Guthrie, Iain Andrew24
f2010-07-29Whittington-Jones, Craig52
f2010-07-14Whittington-Jones, Craig51
f2010-06-23Wishart, Lawrence Tye56
a2010-06-13Groom, Bryan40
a2010-06-13Groom, Hilary40
f2010-06-05Featherstone, Andrew John37
f2010-02-13Guthrie, Iain Andrew35
f2010-02-07Ward-Smith, Bruce53
a2010-01-30Groom, Bryan44
a2010-01-30Groom, Hilary40
f2010-01-23Branfield, Andy40
f2010-01-03Groom, Bryan54
f2010-01-03Groom, Hilary54
a2009-11-15Groom, Bryan44
a2009-11-15Groom, Hilary44
f2009-10-03Branfield, Andy51
f2009-09-20Perrins, Niall53
f2009-08-30Groom, Bryan51
f2009-08-30Groom, Hilary51
f2009-07-15Branfield, Andy18
f2009-05-05de Beer, Errol67
f2009-04-28de Beer, Errol68
f2009-02-21Guthrie, Iain Andrew26
a2009-02-14Groom, Bryan40
a2009-02-14Groom, Hilary35
f2009-02-13Featherstone, Andrew John45
f2009-02-03Whittington-Jones, Craig61
a2009-02-01RIDLEY, ALLAN29
f2008-12-11Perrins, Niall51
f2008-12-07Branfield, Andy35
f2008-11-21Pretorius, Hanno (Johannes)55
f2008-11-16Woodford, John46
f2008-11-11Haasbroek, Francois33
f2008-09-30Featherstone, Andrew John42
f2008-09-07Groom, Bryan51
f2008-08-22Woodford, John31
a2008-04-13Groom, Bryan32
f2008-01-28Whittington-Jones, Craig86
a2007-11-03Nel, Ida28
f2007-09-18Woodford, John35
a2007-08-25Marais, Etienne32
f2007-08-04Roerig, Joel40
f2007-07-07Roerig, Joel27
a2004-11-15Branfield, Andy25

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
114228Mr W Van Goethem181518181717171618141619203150
214823Mr M Johnson85650103565650143
31858Dr A Branfield101100110112996
410110Mrs H Groom100001041101990
51598Mr B Groom100000041001795
6613Dr C. Whittington-Jones2300002000007122
713550Mr J van Heerden110001000102675
810857Mr A J Featherstone010011001011686
911079Mrs F. Kanichowsky2101000000116108
1010870Mr I.A.Guthrie120000010000475
1110339Mr E de Beer0101100000003105
1210284Mr J Woodford000000011010360
1311783Mr K.L. Lavery100011000000356
1410101Mr N Perrins000001001001375
1510623Mr B Ward-Smith110000001000368
16135Mr G Lockwood100000100010390
1710085Ms L Van Deventer000000100100278
1811679Mr L. T. Wishart000001000010282
1911613Mr J.K. Boyce000001000100281
20614Mr R. Geyser000100000010269
2112528Mr W Pike000001010000236
2210768Mrs S Oertli000010001000269
2312633Mr C Meyer100000000010293
2412647Mr A Coetzee000010000001276
2511793Mr J. Roerig000000110000251
261692Mr E. Marais000010001000280
271113Mr G. Aiston000000001000164
2814447Mr P Verster000100000000160
2911993Mr J. Ainsley000010000000146
3012212Mrs E Kalmer000001000000144
3116236Mr M Benadie000000000010162
3216110I Hobson010000000000139
3314532Mr I Louw000010000000141
3413022Mr R. Wienand000000000010155
3515816Mr E Teichert000000010000148
3612770 D Vasapolli000001000000156
3711867Mr M. Tittley000000000010150
3811639Mr L.E. Spies000010000000152
39527Mr DH Kleynhans000100000000154
401456Dr M Brown000000000100126
411518Mr G. Egen000000000100154
421691Mr E Retief100000000000144
4351Mr S Terblanche000001000000160
442254Mr L. Robinson000000000010178
452294 J van Rensburg000001000000133
4610591Mr F Haasbroek000000000010133
4710635Dr C.W Moore000000000100145
4810672Mrs D van Zyl000001000000146
4910716Dr JJ Pretorius000000000010155
5010824Mr M Clacey000010000000142
5111423Mr S van Stuyvenberg000001000000141
52272Mr A.M. Archer000001000000142

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