Pentad summary: 2555_2815 (QDGC: 2528CD)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 60
Adhoc protocol 41
Incidentals 2616
Cards by month
C 745874268225
S 127 94 114 136 98 75 64 114 118 81 92 121
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
a2018-11-11Van Goethem, Werner Marc1
a2018-11-03Louwrens, Wanda17
a2018-09-17Van Goethem, Werner Marc2
f2018-08-31Geyser, Rihann 64
f2018-08-24Geyser, Rihann 72
a2018-08-09Van Goethem, Werner Marc1
a2018-08-03Van Goethem, Werner Marc1
a2018-06-30Breytenbach, Jonathan4
f2018-06-22Geyser, Rihann 60
f2018-04-21O Brien, Fransie17
a2018-04-21Cunningham, Michael28
a2018-04-21Michaelides, Luke Sotiris13
f2018-04-14Verster, Janelle Mari78
f2018-04-11Verster, Pieter115
f2018-03-25Meyer, Cameron62
a2018-02-27Van Goethem, Werner Marc2
a2018-01-23Le Roux, Hugo2
f2018-01-20O Brien, Fransie25
a2018-01-17Burger, Sheleph1
f2018-01-16Zeederberg, Sydney26
a2018-01-13Jordaan, Laura7
a2018-01-06Hazell, Gareth10
a2017-12-25Van Goethem, Werner Marc1
a2017-12-02Bentley, Dave3
a2017-11-26Breytenbach, Jonathan2
a2017-11-25Goodman, Sue1
a2017-09-16Burger, Sheleph1
a2017-09-09Burnett, Rob2
a2017-09-02Viljoen, Ignatius Michael38
a2017-08-05Potgieter, Johan23
a2017-07-30Hazell, Gareth13
a2017-06-18de Bruyn, Dries2
f2017-06-08Whittington-Jones, Craig43
f2017-05-11Geyser, Rihann 46
f2017-04-17Nel, Henk40
a2017-04-02Hazell, Gareth5
a2017-03-16Paton, Anthony1
f2017-03-05Verster, Pieter68
f2017-02-05Teichert, Eduard71
f2017-02-05Cromhout, Wouter Ignatius70
f2017-01-27Verster, Pieter74
f2017-01-15Van Goethem, Werner Marc46
a2017-01-02Anderson, Tania2
f2016-12-29Geyser, Rihann 55
f2016-12-21Geyser, Rihann 55
f2016-12-03Swart, Elba22
a2016-11-26Van Goethem, Werner Marc2
f2016-11-20Terblanche, Stephan72
f2016-11-18Verster, Pieter77
a2016-11-14Van Goethem, Werner Marc3
f2016-10-19Geyser, Rihann 70
f2016-09-17Verster, Pieter58
f2016-09-03Teichert, Eduard45
f2016-09-03Teichert, Orme44
a2016-09-03Louwrens, Wanda1
f2016-08-14Teichert, Eduard85
f2016-08-13Verster, Pieter92
f2016-08-03Verster, Pieter56
f2016-07-12Terblanche, Stephan53
a2016-06-04Van Goethem, Werner Marc8
f2016-04-23Meyer, Cameron37
f2016-04-22Viljoen, Ignatius Michael47
a2016-04-17Van Goethem, Werner Marc3
a2016-04-09Peake, Donald19
f2016-03-13Clacey, Mike & Chibby55
f2016-03-06Terblanche, Stephan72
a2016-02-29Cronje, Pieter5
f2016-02-19Verster, Pieter46
a2016-01-16Canto, Keanu1
a2015-12-05Viljoen, Ignatius Michael27
a2015-12-05Bothma, Filippus Cornelius29
a2015-11-05Van Goethem, Werner Marc11
f2015-09-06Paton, Anthony50
f2015-08-05Terblanche, Stephan50
f2015-05-30Ainsley, Jerome34
f2015-05-24Ainsley, Jerome35
f2015-05-09Ainsley, Jerome44
f2015-04-03Ainsley, Jerome44
a2014-12-29Terblanche, Stephan6
f2014-12-10Jubber, Walter 75
a2014-10-07Boyce, Jason Kyle34
f2014-09-15Boyce, Jason Kyle61
f2014-09-06Kemp, Ryno35
f2014-07-26Geyser, Rihann 37
f2014-05-31Boyce, Jason Kyle53
f2014-02-08Da Cruz, Paul58
f2014-01-25Geyser, Rihann 73
f2013-09-21van Deventer, Lisl37
f2012-09-23Fieldwick, Roger58
f2011-04-25Geyser, Rihann 69
f2010-05-23Marais, Etienne48
f2010-05-01Pauw, Koos34
f2010-03-28Fieldwick, Roger56
f2009-12-20Geyser, Rihann 65
a2009-11-08Geyser, Rihann 17
f2009-06-24Oertli, Sue40
f2009-06-24Walden, Amanda B38
f2008-10-04Geyser, Rihann 43
a2008-07-26Geyser, Rihann 14
f2008-01-19Geyser, Rihann 75
f2008-01-12Terblanche, Stephan69

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