Pentad summary: 2550_2735 (QDGC: 2527DC)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 58
Adhoc protocol 24
Incidentals 29
Cards by month
C 474738354166
S 115 120 101 101 69 110 69 119 98 72 131 113
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2018-08-04Verster, Pieter103
f2018-08-02Teichert, Eduard103
a2018-07-03Paton, Anthony5
a2018-07-01Venter, Christo9
a2018-06-22Paton, Anthony5
f2018-04-21Breytenbach, Jonathan9
f2018-04-20Venter, Christo57
f2018-03-25Paton, Anthony64
f2018-03-21Venter, Christo31
f2018-03-10Steen, Lia66
a2018-01-04Balt, Renier3
a2017-09-24Rayne, Sean Stephen5
a2017-09-17Botha, Christoffel4
a2017-08-26Van der Walt, Stefan2
a2017-06-24Robinson, Lance9
f2017-06-06West, Sean34
a2017-03-30Paterson, D. Bruce5
f2017-01-25Walden, Amanda B76
f2016-12-03Wesson, John42
f2016-12-03Balt, Renier44
a2016-12-03Jansen, Jannie10
a2016-10-23Paton, Anthony22
a2016-10-22Badenhorst, Helen9
a2016-10-03Paton, Anthony9
a2016-09-26Paton, Anthony17
f2016-08-04Walden, Amanda B57
f2016-05-21Nortje, Deon43
f2016-04-02Paterson, D. Bruce29
f2015-11-27Van Zwieten, Arjen22
a2015-11-15Paton, Anthony22
a2015-08-29Paton, Anthony14
f2015-07-09Walden, Amanda B44
f2015-06-24Retief, Ernst29
f2015-02-26Walden, Amanda B56
f2015-02-07Nyenes, Mike26
a2015-02-07Jansen, Jannie31
f2015-02-07Ramsbottom, Clive28
f2015-02-06Paton, Anthony63
a2015-01-29Drowley, John84
f2015-01-03Paton, Anthony78
a2014-12-07Paton, Anthony24
f2014-11-22Paton, Anthony83
f2014-11-09Kirk, Mark & Alisha80
a2014-10-25Boyce, Jason Kyle7
f2014-09-30Whittington-Jones, Craig61
a2014-08-31Perrins, Niall4
f2014-08-13Ramsbottom, Clive30
f2014-05-10Paton, Anthony25
f2014-04-18Paton, Anthony39
f2014-03-15Paton, Anthony46
f2014-02-01Geyser, Rihann 64
f2014-01-02Paton, Anthony37
f2013-12-27Ortner, Gisela46
f2013-12-16Paton, Anthony79
f2013-11-20Paton, Anthony61
f2013-09-03Whittington-Jones, Craig41
f2013-02-21Geyser, Rihann 50
f2013-01-02Ortner, Gisela39
a2012-12-28Ortner, Gisela19
f2012-10-20Paton, Anthony72
f2012-09-18Paton, Anthony37
f2012-08-04Paton, Anthony67
f2012-07-14Paton, Anthony33
f2012-06-19Paton, Anthony40
f2012-06-16Paterson, D. Bruce45
f2012-06-16Balt, Renier41
a2012-01-28Geyser, Rihann 15
f2011-06-25Terblanche, Stephan39
f2011-06-22Da Cruz, Paul60
a2011-04-04Geyser, Rihann 13
f2010-12-31Featherstone, Andrew John35
f2010-12-08Retief, Natasja55
f2010-07-04Paton, Anthony37
f2010-06-22Paton, Anthony45
f2010-02-27Balt, Renier30
f2009-11-22Retief, Ernst52
f2009-11-04Kanichowsky, Felicity39
f2009-04-11Wesson, John42
f2009-04-11Jansen, Jannie52
f2009-04-11Engelbrecht, Willem & Amanda43
f2008-09-25Whittington-Jones, Craig54
f2008-05-10Robinson, Lance40

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