Pentad summary: 2530_3015 (QDGC: 2530CB)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 12
Adhoc protocol 16
Incidentals 146
Cards by month
C 000032011311
S 28 36 49 50 67 28 37
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2018-10-16Reid, Don33
f2018-10-16Pauw, Koos30
a2018-10-10Pauw, Koos7
f2018-08-10Zemann, Herbert51
a2018-06-22Nel, Ida1
a2018-02-12Burger, Sheleph1
a2018-02-02Geyser, Rihann 1
a2017-12-30de Nysschen, Michael1
a2017-12-30de Nysschen, Dylan1
a2017-11-03Perrins, Niall1
a2017-06-24Von Staden, Rudi1
a2017-05-31Pauw, Koos3
f2017-05-26Reid, Don16
f2017-05-26Pauw, Koos16
a2017-02-10Grant, Ian1
a2016-12-17Davis, Desiree1
a2016-08-17Van der Walt, Stefan1
a2016-03-08Boyce, Jason Kyle3
a2016-01-23van den Bergh, Danie1
f2015-10-21Da Cruz, Paul50
f2015-06-20Reid, Don26
f2015-06-20Pauw, Koos23
a2013-07-20Balt, Renier9
a2013-02-06Branfield, Andy3
f2011-12-07Bannon, John Kevin38
f2011-09-15McKenzie, Duncan50
f2009-11-29Paterson, D. Bruce30
f2009-05-16Christie, Duncan12

  Ref Species name Full protocol Adhoc protocol Incidentals
      Rep Rate (%) n Rep Rate (%) n Reports
1431Barbet, Black-collared16.672  1
2808Bishop, Southern Red41.675  1
3812Bishop, Yellow-crowned8.331  1
4722Bokmakierie, Bokmakierie41.675  1
5709Boubou, Southern33.334  1
6545Bulbul, Dark-capped83.331018.7535
7872Bunting, Cinnamon-breasted    1
8874Bunting, Golden-breasted33.334  1
9155Buzzard, Forest8.3316.2511
10152Buzzard, Jackal25.00312.5021
11154Buzzard, Steppe41.67525.0048
12863Canary, Brimstone  6.251 
13857Canary, Cape50.006  1
14859Canary, Yellow-fronted16.6726.251 
15575Chat, Anteating8.331  1
16569Chat, Buff-streaked16.672   
17570Chat, Familiar33.3346.2512
18631Cisticola, Cloud8.331   
19647Cisticola, Croaking8.331   
20648Cisticola, Lazy25.003   
21646Cisticola, Levaillant's58.337  2
22639Cisticola, Wailing33.334  1
23634Cisticola, Wing-snapping8.331   
24629Cisticola, Zitting33.334   
2550Cormorant, Reed33.334  2
26203Crake, Black8.331  1
27523Crow, Cape8.331  1
28522Crow, Pied8.331  1
29344Cuckoo, Black8.331   
30352Cuckoo, Diderick8.331   
31343Cuckoo, Red-chested41.675   
3252Darter, African8.331   
33317Dove, Laughing16.672  1
34314Dove, Red-eyed41.675  1
35319Dove, Tambourine8.331  1
36517Drongo, Fork-tailed75.0096.2513
3795Duck, African Black8.331   
3896Duck, Yellow-billed25.003  2
39138Eagle, Long-crested16.67212.5024
  Ref Species name Full protocol Adhoc protocol Incidentals
      Rep Rate (%) n Rep Rate (%) n Reports
4061Egret, Cattle8.331  1
41114Falcon, Lanner  6.2511
42120Falcon, Red-footed    1
43833Firefinch, African8.331  1
44707Fiscal, Common (Southern)100.001218.7539
45149Fish-eagle, African16.672  1
46665Flycatcher, Fiscal  6.251 
4789Goose, Egyptian33.334  2
4888Goose, Spur-winged8.331  1
49618Grassbird, Cape41.675  2
506Grebe, Little75.009  4
51192Guineafowl, Helmeted50.006  1
5272Hamerkop, Hamerkop16.672  3
5355Heron, Black-headed  6.251 
5454Heron, Grey8.331   
55115Hobby, Eurasian8.331   
56418Hoopoe, African16.672  2
5781Ibis, African Sacred8.331   
5884Ibis, Hadeda58.337  2
59122Kestrel, Greater8.331   
60394Kingfisher, Pied8.331  1
61130Kite, Black-shouldered50.0066.2512
62129Kite, Yellow-billed  6.2511
63247Lapwing, African Wattled25.003  1
64243Lapwing, Black-winged41.675  4
65245Lapwing, Blacksmith8.331  1
66458Lark, Rufous-naped25.003   
67703Longclaw, Cape66.678  3
68509Martin, Brown-throated8.331   
69506Martin, Rock16.672  1
70803Masked-weaver, Southern50.0066.2513
71210Moorhen, Common33.334  1
72390Mousebird, Speckled8.331  1
73734Myna, Common16.672   
74637Neddicky, Neddicky25.003   
75373Nightjar, Fiery-necked8.331  1
76521Oriole, Black-headed75.009  3
77788Petronia, Yellow-throated8.331  1
78311Pigeon, Speckled33.334  1
79692Pipit, African50.006  1
80693Pipit, Long-billed25.0036.2511
811049Prinia, Drakensberg16.672   
82649Prinia, Tawny-flanked16.672   
83844Quailfinch, African8.331   
84805Quelea, Red-billed16.672  2
85524Raven, White-necked8.331   
86581Robin-chat, Cape66.678  2
87867Seedeater, Streaky-headed33.334  1
88145Snake-eagle, Brown8.331  1
89250Snipe, African8.331  1
90786Sparrow, Cape8.331   
91784Sparrow, House8.331   
924142Sparrow, Southern Grey-headed33.334   
93183Spurfowl, Natal8.331   
94185Spurfowl, Swainson's16.672  1
  Ref Species name Full protocol Adhoc protocol Incidentals
      Rep Rate (%) n Rep Rate (%) n Reports
95746Starling, Pied25.003  1
96745Starling, Red-winged  6.251 
97576Stonechat, African91.67116.2514
9880Stork, White  6.2512
99772Sunbird, Amethyst16.672   
100758Sunbird, Greater Double-collared33.334  3
101751Sunbird, Malachite8.331   
102493Swallow, Barn33.33412.5023
103502Swallow, Greater Striped58.337   
104503Swallow, Lesser Striped8.3316.2511
105495Swallow, White-throated33.334   
106386Swift, Alpine8.331   
107383Swift, White-rumped16.672   
108715Tchagra, Black-crowned25.003  2
109714Tchagra, Brown-crowned8.331   
110305Tern, Whiskered    1
111557Thrush, Groundscraper25.0036.2511
112552Thrush, Kurrichane8.331   
113393Trogon, Narina8.331   
114316Turtle-dove, Cape41.675  1
115686Wagtail, Cape25.003  1
116666Warbler, Dark-capped Yellow8.331   
117843Waxbill, Common66.678  3
118838Waxbill, Orange-breasted8.331   
119825Waxbill, Swee8.331   
120799Weaver, Cape25.003  1
121791Weaver, Spectacled16.672   
122797Weaver, Village16.672   
1231172White-eye, Cape50.006  1
124846Whydah, Pin-tailed33.334   
125816Widowbird, Fan-tailed8.331   
126818Widowbird, Long-tailed16.672  1
127813Widowbird, Red-collared50.006  1
128814Widowbird, White-winged16.672   
129453Wryneck, Red-throated33.334  2
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