Pentad summary: 2445_2550 (QDGC: 2425DD)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 15
Adhoc protocol 6
Incidentals 354
Cards by month
C 322001211102
S 155 111 142 70 74 108 133 76 130
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2018-12-02Brewster, Chris117
a2018-09-28Brewster, Chris4
f2018-09-02Brewster, Chris133
a2018-08-31Brewster, Chris1
a2018-08-24Brewster, Chris2
f2018-08-14Brewster, Chris108
f2018-06-22Hester, Andrew70
a2018-05-28Brewster, Chris6
f2018-03-18Hester, Andrew137
a2018-03-08Brewster, Chris31
f2018-01-17Brewster, Chris65
f2017-12-20Brewster, Chris52
a2017-10-12Brewster, Chris15
f2017-10-06Brewster, Chris76
f2017-07-31Brewster, Chris60
f2017-02-10Hester, Harold118
f2017-01-28Hester, Harold107
f2017-01-17Brewster, Chris119
f2016-07-28Brewster, Chris46
f2013-03-06Nieuwoudt, Phillip41
f2012-02-04Elstadt, Cobus23

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