Pentad summary: 2430_3120 (QDGC: 2431CB)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 44
Adhoc protocol 42
Incidentals 137
Cards by month
C 322432456265
S 143 129 153 139 158 102 139 149 145 66 191 140
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2017-09-17Glasson, Ashwell 58
a2017-09-17Boshoff, Willem6
f2017-09-13Glasson, Ashwell 83
f2017-09-09Glasson, Ashwell 90
a2017-09-05Davis, Desiree2
f2017-08-30Glasson, Ashwell 64
f2017-08-26Glasson, Ashwell 91
f2017-08-22Glasson, Ashwell 86
f2017-08-18Glasson, Ashwell 88
a2017-08-17Archer, Tony8
f2017-08-14Glasson, Ashwell 79
f2017-07-29Glasson, Ashwell 59
f2017-07-26Mbewu, Skumbuzo69
a2017-07-26Van Wyngaard, Josef9
f2017-07-22Glasson, Ashwell 102
a2017-07-15Perrins, Niall1
f2017-07-12Glasson, Ashwell 105
a2017-07-08Glasson, Ashwell 100
f2017-06-25Glasson, Ashwell 87
a2017-06-25Welman, Gerda11
f2017-05-17Glasson, Ashwell 55
f2017-05-13Glasson, Ashwell 114
f2017-05-09Glasson, Ashwell 125
f2017-04-20Glasson, Ashwell 57
f2017-04-14Glasson, Ashwell 103
a2017-04-13Kloppers, Noel2
a2017-04-08Kloppers, Noel6
f2017-04-02Glasson, Ashwell 69
a2017-04-01Glasson, Ashwell 18
f2017-03-29Glasson, Ashwell 107
f2017-03-25Glasson, Ashwell 104
f2017-02-25Glasson, Ashwell 102
f2017-02-18Glasson, Ashwell 77
a2017-02-02Lockwood, Geoff7
a2017-01-29Zacharias, Michael Paul1
f2016-12-13Gouws, Johan49
a2016-12-11Maass, Eanette1
f2016-12-02Glasson, Ashwell 36
f2016-12-01Glasson, Ashwell 64
f2016-11-27Glasson, Ashwell 142
f2016-11-14Glasson, Ashwell 97
f2016-11-10Glasson, Ashwell 107
a2016-11-07Glasson, Ashwell 36
f2016-11-06Glasson, Ashwell 100
f2016-11-02Glasson, Ashwell 104
a2016-10-24Harris, Calvin1
a2016-10-21Grant, Ian5
f2016-09-08Glasson, Ashwell 62
a2016-09-07Glasson, Ashwell 7
f2016-09-04Glasson, Ashwell 18
f2016-09-01Glasson, Ashwell 34
a2016-07-09Goetsch, Geoff2
a2016-07-02Paton, Anthony1
a2016-06-12De Klerk, Rina9
a2016-03-27Roerig, Joel5
a2016-03-03Robinson, Lance6
a2016-03-03Smit-Robinson, Hanneline4
a2016-03-03Vasapolli, Dylan6
a2016-01-28Lockwood, Geoff7
a2016-01-27Zacharias, Michael Paul4
a2015-12-27Glasson, Ashwell 32
a2015-12-26Glasson, Ashwell 51
f2015-12-24Glasson, Ashwell 78
a2015-12-21Glasson, Ashwell 31
a2015-12-20Glasson, Ashwell 34
a2015-12-19Glasson, Ashwell 9
f2015-12-17Glasson, Ashwell 84
f2015-11-30Glasson, Ashwell 66
a2015-11-27Nel, Henk3
a2015-11-19Geddes, Rob2
a2015-09-17du Preez, Johann3
a2015-08-10de Wet, Sandrie2
a2015-07-23Wienand, Robert12
a2015-05-02Cunningham, Michael1
a2015-01-03Perrins, Niall12
f2014-10-22Lawson, Peter56
f2014-06-27Kleynhans, Dawie46
f2014-01-21Lawson, Peter59
f2014-01-21Glasson, Ashwell 68
f2013-04-13Roerig, Joel33
a2012-01-26Lockwood, Geoff29
a2011-01-27Lockwood, Geoff25
f2011-01-27Kilpin, Alastair100
a2010-05-14Rayne, Sean Stephen20
f2009-10-21Balt, Renier28
a2009-03-04Terblanche, Stephan34

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
11403Mr A Glasson12233135606436241
210065Mr P Lawson100000000100278
3403Mr A.G. Kilpin1000000000001100
4527Mr DH Kleynhans000001000000146
52448Mr S Mbewu000000100000169
610210 R Balt000000000100128
710916Mr J.A. Gouws000000000001149
811793Mr J. Roerig000100000000133

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