Pentad summary: 2415_3035 (QDGC: 2430BC)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 98
Adhoc protocol 5
Incidentals 10
Cards by month
C 1005946717614713
S 171 151 144 132 148 137 165 151 173 147 172
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
a2018-02-14Neytzell - de Wilde, Jolyon3
f2018-01-22Neytzell - de Wilde, Jolyon48
f2017-12-19Timberlake, Keaton James34
f2017-09-24Hawkins, Ross65
f2017-09-19Hawkins, Ross112
f2017-09-14Hawkins, Ross106
f2017-09-09Hawkins, Ross91
a2017-09-08Arbon, Kate39
a2017-09-03Neytzell - de Wilde, Jolyon23
f2017-08-31Hawkins, Ross82
f2017-08-29Neytzell - de Wilde, Jolyon19
f2017-08-26Hawkins, Ross108
f2017-08-21Hawkins, Ross101
f2017-08-16Hawkins, Ross93
f2017-08-15Harris, Sean Frederick49
f2017-08-11Hawkins, Ross108
f2017-08-06Hawkins, Ross99
f2017-08-01Hawkins, Ross77
f2017-07-19Hawkins, Ross51
f2017-07-14Hawkins, Ross89
f2017-07-09Hawkins, Ross85
f2017-07-04Hawkins, Ross90
a2017-06-18Neytzell - de Wilde, Jolyon22
f2017-06-02Hawkins, Ross26
f2017-05-28Hawkins, Ross75
f2017-05-07Hawkins, Ross82
f2017-05-02Hawkins, Ross102
f2017-04-19Neytzell - de Wilde, Jolyon29
f2017-04-14Hawkins, Ross68
f2017-04-09Hawkins, Ross88
f2017-03-30Hawkins, Ross92
f2017-03-25Hawkins, Ross103
f2017-03-20Hawkins, Ross85
a2017-03-17Arbon, Kate31
f2017-01-09McKenzie, Duncan76
f2017-01-08Hawkins, Ross65
f2017-01-04McKenzie, Duncan93
f2017-01-03Hawkins, Ross98
f2016-12-29Hawkins, Ross74
f2016-12-24Hawkins, Ross102
f2016-12-07Hawkins, Ross93
f2016-12-07Mann, Robert35
f2016-12-04Neytzell - de Wilde, Jolyon41
f2016-12-02Hawkins, Ross90
f2016-11-27Hawkins, Ross95
f2016-11-26Mann, Robert32
f2016-11-22Hawkins, Ross89
f2016-11-17Hawkins, Ross97
f2016-11-12Hawkins, Ross93
f2016-11-08Neytzell - de Wilde, Jolyon39
f2016-11-02Mann, Robert51
f2016-10-27Hawkins, Ross72
f2016-10-27Wilks, Richard29
f2016-10-27Mann, Robert22
f2016-10-22Hawkins, Ross96
f2016-10-17Hawkins, Ross91
f2016-10-12Hawkins, Ross103
f2016-10-08Neytzell - de Wilde, Jolyon74
f2016-10-07Hawkins, Ross98
f2016-10-06Arbon, Kate22
f2016-10-05Mann, Robert0
f2016-10-02Hawkins, Ross99
f2016-09-27Hawkins, Ross94
f2016-09-22Hawkins, Ross93
f2016-08-25Hawkins, Ross70
f2016-08-20Hawkins, Ross67
f2016-08-15Hawkins, Ross64
f2016-08-10Hawkins, Ross73
f2016-08-05Hawkins, Ross80
f2016-08-03Brown, Leah28
f2016-07-31Hawkins, Ross82
f2016-07-15Hawkins, Ross56
f2016-07-10Hawkins, Ross63
f2016-06-25Hawkins, Ross60
f2016-06-20Hawkins, Ross94
f2016-06-15Hawkins, Ross74
f2016-06-10Hawkins, Ross78
f2016-05-01Hawkins, Ross73
f2016-04-26Hawkins, Ross75
f2016-04-21Hawkins, Ross65
f2016-04-16Hawkins, Ross66
f2016-04-11Hawkins, Ross84
f2016-04-06Hawkins, Ross93
f2016-04-01Hawkins, Ross81
f2016-03-27Hawkins, Ross74
f2016-03-22Hawkins, Ross79
f2016-01-30Hawkins, Ross62
f2016-01-25Hawkins, Ross93
f2016-01-20Hawkins, Ross87
f2016-01-15Hawkins, Ross93
f2016-01-10Hawkins, Ross94
f2015-12-19Hawkins, Ross63
f2015-12-14Hawkins, Ross88
f2015-12-05Hawkins, Ross56
f2015-12-04Hawkins, Ross33
f2015-08-30Hawkins, Ross53
f2015-08-25Hawkins, Ross81
f2014-12-01Cox JH & KC, John & Kim49
f2011-06-13Lawson, Bruce122
f2009-12-12Forsyth, Barbi24
f2008-10-18Lawson, Bruce53
f2008-10-17Lawson, Bruce84
f2008-10-16Lawson, Bruce74

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
110338Mr R Hawkins705845714664874249
213072Mr J Neytzell - de Wilde1001000101116109
317283Mr R Mann000000000221573
410330Mr B Lawson0000010003004154
5459Mr D.R. McKenzie2000000000002106
617901Mr S Harris000000010000150
717013Ms K Arbon000000000100122
816782Ms L Brown000000010000128
915030Mr R Wilks000000000100129
1011863Mr & Mrs J Cox JH & KC000000000001149
111511Ms B. Forsyth000000000001124
1218329 K Timberlake000000000001134
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