Pentad summary: 2405_3055 (QDGC: 2430BB)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 20
Adhoc protocol 21
Incidentals 417
Cards by month
C 110213422400
S 6 88 62 37 97 124 36 99 91
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2018-10-31Zacharias, Michael Paul36
f2018-10-27Zacharias, Michael Paul44
f2018-07-12Zacharias, Michael Paul36
a2018-03-21Zacharias, Michael Paul4
f2018-01-03Goodman, Sue6
f2017-10-26Zacharias, Michael Paul21
f2017-08-02de Bruyn, Dries15
f2017-07-13Hardaker, Trevor and Margaret105
a2016-11-16OWTRAM, Ian13
a2016-10-31OWTRAM, Ian16
f2016-10-18Zacharias, Pete38
f2016-09-10Kanichowsky, Felicity43
a2016-08-28OWTRAM, Ian21
a2016-08-22OWTRAM, Ian28
a2016-08-12OWTRAM, Ian9
a2016-08-07OWTRAM, Ian25
a2016-08-02OWTRAM, Ian32
a2016-07-27OWTRAM, Ian9
a2016-07-22OWTRAM, Ian18
f2015-09-20Burchmore, John Anthony81
a2015-09-07Burchmore, John Anthony14
a2015-08-27Burchmore, John Anthony14
a2015-08-20Burchmore, John Anthony26
a2015-08-03Burchmore, John Anthony9
f2015-02-18Lawson, Peter88
f2014-08-03Schmid, Sharon26
f2014-07-06Burchmore, John Anthony48
f2014-06-15Burchmore, John Anthony33
a2014-05-03Zacharias, Michael Paul4
f2014-05-01Zacharias, Pete37
a2014-04-29Zacharias, Pete14
f2014-04-29Zacharias, Michael Paul30
a2011-04-22Johnstone, Richard Alan31
a2010-10-14Johnstone, Richard Alan43
a2010-10-09Johnstone, Richard Alan28
a2010-08-05Johnstone, Richard Alan31
a2010-04-04Johnstone, Richard Alan24
f2009-07-04Sewards, John31
f2009-06-12Sewards, John53
f2009-06-06Outhwaite, Peter63
f2008-04-19Sewards, John48

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