Pentad summary: 2400_3105 (QDGC: 2431AA)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 111
Adhoc protocol 12
Incidentals 21
Cards by month
C 411106752011161353
S 168 217 194 187 173 153 204 181 211 222 188 126
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
a2018-05-28Paton, Anthony21
a2018-05-10Kloppers, Noel45
f2017-10-03Steele-Drew, Brian 116
f2017-09-14Steele-Drew, Brian 75
f2017-09-06Steele-Drew, Brian 82
a2017-08-12OWTRAM, Ian66
f2017-07-15Sewards, John59
f2017-03-10Goetsch, Geoff41
a2017-03-07Lourens , Pierre Jacobus 1
f2017-02-19Sewards, John41
a2016-11-25Snyman, Johan49
a2016-11-15Strydom, Leon2
f2016-10-20Slabbert, Martin97
f2016-07-23Sewards, John53
f2016-07-16Sewards, John46
f2016-02-14Sewards, John63
f2015-10-13Lerm, Rion35
a2015-10-09Spence, Peter24
f2015-07-30Sewards, John65
f2015-07-18Sewards, John91
f2015-06-20Goetsch, Geoff38
a2015-04-11Pienaar, Jan16
f2015-03-21Sewards, John57
f2014-09-17Lawson, Peter60
f2014-09-04Steele-Drew, Brian 83
f2014-08-20Steele-Drew, Brian 91
f2014-07-26Sewards, John86
f2014-07-19Sewards, John61
f2014-02-15Sewards, John90
f2014-02-08Sewards, John78
f2013-10-26Sewards, John91
f2013-09-28Sewards, John93
f2013-08-08Steele-Drew, Brian 90
f2013-07-10Steele-Drew, Brian 69
f2013-07-06Sewards, John63
f2013-03-23Sewards, John48
f2012-10-27Sewards, John66
f2012-05-20Sewards, John60
f2012-04-22Sewards, John64
f2012-02-19Sewards, John61
f2011-02-10Steele-Drew, Brian 109
a2011-01-27Pienaar, Brenden102
f2011-01-20Pienaar, Brenden126
f2011-01-04Pienaar, Brenden104
f2009-11-24Steele-Drew, Brian 138
f2009-11-18Steele-Drew, Brian 128
f2009-11-05Steele-Drew, Brian 129
f2009-10-27Steele-Drew, Brian 145
f2009-10-21Haagner, Adrian61
f2009-10-15Steele-Drew, Brian 132
f2009-09-26Steele-Drew, Brian 126
f2009-09-10Steele-Drew, Brian 124
f2009-09-01Steele-Drew, Brian 108
f2009-08-25Steele-Drew, Brian 121
f2009-08-18Steele-Drew, Brian 122
f2009-08-12Steele-Drew, Brian 123
f2009-08-05Steele-Drew, Brian 98
f2009-07-30Steele-Drew, Brian 113
f2009-07-26Sewards, John58
f2009-07-22Steele-Drew, Brian 117
f2009-07-18Sewards, John50
f2009-07-16Steele-Drew, Brian 102
f2009-07-14Peacock, Faansie42
f2009-07-10Steele-Drew, Brian 109
f2009-07-02Steele-Drew, Brian 100
f2009-06-26Steele-Drew, Brian 107
f2009-06-19Steele-Drew, Brian 88
f2009-06-13Steele-Drew, Brian 113
f2009-06-05Steele-Drew, Brian 116
f2009-05-28Steele-Drew, Brian 104
f2009-05-22Steele-Drew, Brian 106
f2009-05-22Haagner, Adrian57
f2009-05-13Steele-Drew, Brian 96
f2009-04-30Steele-Drew, Brian 119
f2009-04-17Steele-Drew, Brian 108
f2009-04-04Steele-Drew, Brian 98
f2009-03-23Steele-Drew, Brian 119
f2009-03-16Steele-Drew, Brian 105
f2009-03-09Steele-Drew, Brian 113
f2009-03-06Steele-Drew, Brian 105
f2009-02-26Steele-Drew, Brian 70
a2009-02-19Steele-Drew, Brian 102
f2009-02-12Steele-Drew, Brian 82
f2009-02-06Steele-Drew, Brian 109
a2009-01-27Steele-Drew, Brian 103
f2009-01-24Sewards, John65
a2009-01-19Steele-Drew, Brian 140
f2009-01-03Matthee, Hennie66
f2008-12-13Sewards, John89
f2008-11-01Sewards, John63
f2008-10-09Steele-Drew, Brian 107
f2008-10-02Steele-Drew, Brian 124
f2008-09-24Steele-Drew, Brian 113
f2008-09-19Steele-Drew, Brian 117
f2008-09-12Steele-Drew, Brian 106
f2008-08-28Steele-Drew, Brian 102
f2008-08-21Steele-Drew, Brian 90
f2008-07-26Sewards, John69
f2008-07-13Sewards, John50
f2008-05-23Paxton, Tim44
f2008-05-17Sewards, John49
f2008-04-21Steele-Drew, Brian 93
f2008-04-06Steele-Drew, Brian 93
f2008-03-24Paxton, Tim31
f2008-03-24Steele-Drew, Brian 79
f2008-03-09Steele-Drew, Brian 95
f2008-02-16Sewards, John85
f2008-02-10Sewards, John52
f2007-12-23Paxton, Tim53
f2007-12-08Sewards, John76
f2007-11-17Steele-Drew, Brian 101
f2007-10-28Paxton, Tim42
f2007-10-24Paxton, Tim54
f2007-10-09Steele-Drew, Brian 62
f2007-09-25Sewards, John70
f2007-09-18Steele-Drew, Brian 90
f2007-09-11Steele-Drew, Brian 117
f2007-09-08Paxton, Tim56
f2007-09-04Steele-Drew, Brian 84
f2007-08-28Steele-Drew, Brian 97
f2007-08-18Sewards, John58
f2007-08-18Paxton, Tim54
f2007-07-19Steele-Drew, Brian 81

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
110042Mr B. Steele-Drew046534791264060272
21371Mr J. Sewards172120121221233245
31998Mr T. Paxton0010100112017136
415061Mr G Goetsch001001000000264
511312Mr B. Pienaar2000000000002144
610377Mr A Haagner000010000100292
710854Mr H Mathee100000000000166
811001Mr R.E Lerm000000000100135
910065Mr P Lawson000000001000160
1014942 M Slabbert000000000100197
11920Mr F. Peacock000000100000142
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