Pentad summary: 2400_2915 (QDGC: 2429AB)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 35
Adhoc protocol 58
Incidentals 1609
Cards by month
C 214135503344
S 67 88 141 51 122 145 154 92 98 162 149
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2019-02-08Verster, Pieter88
a2019-02-07Strauss, Wanda1
a2019-01-06Sharland, Peter1
f2018-12-08Engelbrecht, Daniel82
a2018-11-18Heslinga, Pieter1
a2018-10-25Human, Dirk Maartens2
a2018-08-19Coetzer, Karin2
a2018-08-08Coetzer, Karin1
f2018-06-09Prinsloo, Minkie 79
f2018-06-09van Tonder, Richter104
f2018-06-09de Bruyn, Jody114
a2018-05-30Paton, Anthony1
a2018-03-28Pauw, Koos6
a2018-03-11Engelbrecht, Daniel42
a2018-02-11Geyser, Rihann 3
a2018-02-01Human, Dirk Maartens1
a2018-01-25Human, Dirk Maartens5
a2018-01-05Louwrens, Wanda3
a2018-01-03De Klerk, Rina1
a2017-12-28De Klerk, Rina3
a2017-12-24Lund, Angela2
a2017-12-13Heslinga, Pieter3
a2017-12-13Coetzer, Karin6
a2017-12-01Kirk, Mark1
a2017-11-19Coetzer, Karin1
f2017-11-18Venter, Saartjie44
a2017-10-22Symes, Craig9
a2017-10-05Balt, Renier2
a2017-08-05Robinson, Lance1
f2017-07-08van Tonder, Richter97
f2017-07-08de Bruyn, Jody93
a2017-04-27Dippenaar, Susan3
a2017-04-26De Klerk, Rina4
a2017-04-23Pike , Andrew & Ruth3
a2017-04-12Fourie, James Barry1
a2017-04-08Pauw, Koos7
a2017-03-24Archer, Tony3
f2017-03-17Verster, Pieter57
a2017-02-22Pauw, Koos3
a2017-02-02Archer, Tony5
a2017-01-25van der Breggen, Roelof11
a2016-12-26Hohls, Thomas Amadeus1
a2016-12-23Schultz, Anton2
f2016-12-18Campbell, Chris66
f2016-12-06Lund, Jess117
a2016-11-27Human, Dirk Maartens3
f2016-11-06Campbell, Chris56
f2016-10-30Campbell, Chris64
f2016-10-15Campbell, Chris38
a2016-09-18Engelbrecht, Daniel6
a2016-09-09Louwrens, Wanda3
f2016-07-09van Tonder, Richter96
f2016-07-02Lund, Jess102
a2016-06-20Robinson, Lance4
a2016-06-17du Preez, Johann7
f2016-05-15van Tonder, Richter101
f2016-05-15van Tonder, Rowan Conrad101
f2016-05-05Lund, Angela91
a2016-03-25Human, Dirk Maartens3
a2016-03-25Campbell, Chris7
a2016-03-11McCutcheon, Ian5
f2016-01-29Botha, Dirk4
f2016-01-24Paton, Anthony67
a2015-12-22VINTCENT, Nelles6
a2015-12-03McCutcheon, Ian12
a2015-11-21Dippenaar, Susan24
a2015-11-12Branfield, Andy4
a2015-10-23de Wet, Sandrie4
f2015-09-04Shaw, Andrew40
a2015-07-28Lund, Angela20
f2015-07-11van Tonder, Richter112
a2015-05-08McCutcheon, Ian50
f2015-03-29Goetsch, Geoff61
f2015-03-05Lund, Angela103
a2015-02-21Lund, Angela44
a2014-11-13Reid, Don5
f2014-06-21van Tonder, Richter98
a2014-06-13Ainsley, Jerome5
a2014-05-17Lund, Angela15
a2014-02-19Branfield, Andy11
a2013-11-16Lund, Angela49
a2013-10-19Lund, Angela24
f2013-10-18McCutcheon, Ian50
f2013-04-19Lund, Angela51
a2012-12-27Lund, Angela14
f2012-11-03Lund, Angela127
f2011-11-18Strauss, Wanda55
f2011-09-04Engelbrecht, Derek45
a2011-07-23Terblanche, Stephan10
f2011-06-13Grosel, Joe68
f2011-03-09Buchmann, Eckhart 61
f2009-09-05du Plessis, Koos51

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