Pentad summary: 1750_3045 (QDGC: 1730DD)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 56
Adhoc protocol 9
Incidentals 1
Cards by month
C 656364536453
S 244 204 235 188 212 173 152 185 226 238 245 219
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2017-07-14Couto, Fernando62
f2017-07-09Couto, Fernando78
a2017-07-02Couto, Fernando109
f2017-06-27Couto, Fernando78
a2017-06-10Couto, Fernando86
a2017-06-05Couto, Fernando10
f2017-05-31Couto, Fernando78
a2017-05-20Couto, Fernando16
f2017-05-01Couto, Fernando73
f2017-04-10Couto, Fernando22
f2017-03-25Couto, Fernando69
f2017-03-12Couto, Fernando141
a2017-02-25Ball, James1
f2017-02-19Couto, Fernando80
f2017-02-11Couto, Fernando72
f2017-01-28Couto, Fernando151
f2017-01-21Couto, Fernando41
f2017-01-15Couto, Fernando118
f2017-01-05Couto, Fernando138
f2016-12-17Couto, Fernando156
a2016-12-04Couto, Fernando30
f2016-11-12Couto, Fernando182
f2016-10-20Couto, Fernando176
a2016-10-09Ball, James18
f2016-10-09Couto, Fernando127
f2016-09-29Couto, Fernando135
f2016-09-17Couto, Fernando97
f2016-09-07Raynor, Penny45
f2016-08-28Couto, Fernando172
f2016-07-28Couto, Fernando120
f2016-07-22Dalziel, David76
f2016-06-26Pierini, Julia44
f2016-06-23Couto, Fernando157
f2016-05-25Couto, Fernando189
f2016-05-09Couto, Fernando73
f2016-05-01Couto, Fernando142
f2016-04-17Couto, Fernando155
f2016-04-10Couto, Fernando158
f2016-03-25Couto, Fernando164
f2016-03-03Couto, Fernando191
f2016-02-28Riddell, Ian Charles119
f2016-02-27Couto, Fernando128
f2016-02-21Couto, Fernando138
f2016-01-16Couto, Fernando171
f2016-01-10Couto, Fernando163
f2015-12-08Couto, Fernando149
a2015-11-29Ball, James39
f2015-11-29Wilson, Luke52
f2015-11-29Couto, Fernando170
f2015-11-08Couto, Fernando169
f2015-11-01Couto, Fernando188
a2015-10-25Couto, Fernando34
f2015-10-18Couto, Fernando177
f2015-10-11Couto, Fernando131
f2015-09-27Couto, Fernando158
f2015-09-13Couto, Fernando141
f2015-09-06Couto, Fernando111
f2015-08-27Riddell, Ian Charles68
f2015-08-26Rockingham-Gill, David40
f2015-05-10Ball, James42
f2015-03-19Riddell, Ian Charles67
f2014-03-09Bush, Jane66
f2013-12-15von Chamier, Celesta 85
f2013-07-07Pierini, Julia54
f2013-06-01Dalziel, David40

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
113544Mr F Couto64435231544243333
25476Mr I Riddell0110000100003157
313579Ms J Pierini000001100000279
43333Mr J Dalziel000001100000286
513536Mrs P Raynor000000001000145
613525Mr J Ball000010000000142
713568Mrs C von Chamier000000000001185
813515Ms J Bush001000000000166
913728Mr D Rockingham-Gill000000010000140
1014922Mr L Wilson000000000010152

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