Pentad summary: 1635_2700 (QDGC: 1627CA)
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 7
Adhoc protocol 2
Incidentals 142
Cards by month
C 120000110020
S 136 176 103 39 90
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2019-01-03Danckwerts, Daniel136
a2018-11-30Reed, Grant9
f2018-11-19Randell, John88
f2018-11-19Reed, Grant27
a2018-11-19Lund, Jess23
f2018-08-23Danckwerts, Daniel39
f2016-07-26de Beer, Errol103
f2012-02-22Boyce, Jason Kyle151
f2012-02-15Boyce, Jason Kyle133

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
111336Mr D.K. Danckwerts1000000100002148
211613Mr J.K. Boyce0200000000002177
31651MR J. Randell000000000010188
44840Mr G Reed000000000010127
510339Mr E de Beer0000001000001103
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