Pentad summary: 0125_3510 (QDGC: )
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Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 25
Adhoc protocol 21
Incidentals 1351
Cards by month
C 0011010533020
S 94 34 126 166 88 116 70
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2018-08-24Nabaala, Derrick Tubula40
f2018-07-18Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato91
f2018-07-12Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato88
f2018-07-07Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato76
f2018-07-02Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato117
a2018-06-30Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato16
f2018-06-29Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato28
a2018-06-28Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato1
f2018-06-26Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato83
a2018-06-24Maatany, Dominic1
f2018-06-24Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato25
f2018-06-23Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato15
f2018-06-21Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato78
f2018-06-19Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato8
f2018-06-19Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato1
a2018-06-17Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato10
a2018-06-16Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato14
a2018-06-15Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato11
a2018-06-14Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato3
a2018-06-13Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato3
a2018-06-12Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato24
f2018-06-08Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato79
f2018-06-07Ole Pesi, Wilson Leitato47
f2018-06-07Juma, Frank62
a2017-12-13Mutu, Kamweti1
a2017-12-07Barasa Munyekenye, Fred7
f2017-11-21Nabaala, Derrick Tubula32
a2017-10-25Maatany, Dominic25
a2017-10-24Cockar, Zarek9
a2017-10-20BURGESS, 4
f2017-08-24Wolfer, Elvira66
a2017-08-03Wachira, Washington10
f2017-04-09Maatany, Dominic42
f2017-03-22Nabaala, Derrick Tubula102
f2016-11-17Barasa Munyekenye, Fred71
f2016-09-25Alomo, Mathew8
f2016-09-25Alomo, Mathew8
a2016-09-03Alomo, Mathew4
a2016-08-31Alomo, Mathew3
f2016-07-28Wolfer, Elvira27
a2016-07-19Nabaala, Derrick Tubula12
a2016-07-07Nabaala, Derrick Tubula3
f2015-08-08Imboma, T, Titus15
a2015-07-23Kimani, Dominic3
f2014-09-12Wolfer, Elvira117

Observer Cards Total
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
140818Mr. Ole Pesi00000940000013193
240057Mrs Wolfer0000001110003149
340503Mr Nabaala0010000100103128
440553Mr. Alomo00000000200028
53546 T000000010000115
640166Mr. Barasa Munyekenye000000000010171
740642Mr Maatany000100000000142
840673Mr Juma000001000000162
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