Cards for this pentad/group
Full protocol 23
Adhoc protocol 19
Incidentals 290
Cards by month
C 231122211233
Monthly card submissions.
  Start Date Name Spp
f2018-02-22Seed, Robin59
a2018-01-14Macharia, Jeremy19
a2017-12-20Demasius, Eckart0
a2017-11-26Demasius, Eckart0
f2017-11-25Kirimo, Nickson38
f2017-11-14Moll, Michiel35
a2017-10-07Rijsdijk, Ian-Malcolm12
a2017-09-21Demasius, Eckart0
a2017-09-15Klein, Franz0
a2017-09-08Demasius, Eckart0
f2017-07-31Huyser, Johannes Frederik0
a2017-06-14Klein, Franz0
f2017-05-25Moll, Michiel34
f2017-03-29Bauer, Uschi72
f2017-01-27Moll, Michiel20
f2016-12-22Graham, Stephen13
f2016-11-05Moll, Michiel50
f2016-10-02Nabaala, Derrick Tubula48
a2016-09-18Blair, Gavin & Marjorie0
f2016-08-30Mandinyenya, Bob0
f2016-07-15Sogot, Linda0
f2016-01-04Graham, Stephen37
f2015-12-28Terblanche, Stephan0
a2015-12-04Avery, Patrick 43
f2015-04-21Watt, Lorna0
f2015-02-11Bell, John23
f2015-02-06Julies, Cornelius0
a2014-12-30van Dyk, Zenobia0
a2014-11-05Ogada, Darcy1
f2014-09-25Schaule, Doris19
a2014-09-13Keys, Andrew6
a2014-07-16Ogada, Darcy2
f2014-06-27Mwangi, Thomas26
a2014-06-02Poyer, Richard29
a2014-05-13Louw, Salomi5
f2014-05-13Louw, Salomi27
f2013-12-02Sutton, Guy 22
a2013-11-27Nicholas Paul, Philip7
f2013-10-06Moruapheko, David37
f2013-06-22Schaule, Doris37
a2012-01-03Franke-Bryson, Ursula0
a2009-01-14Franke-Bryson, Ursula0

  Ref Species name Full protocol Adhoc protocol Incidentals
      Rep Rate (%) n Rep Rate (%) n Reports
1430Ground-hornbill, Southern    178
2216Crane, Blue    3
3106Vulture, Cape    3
4412Roller, European    3
5517Drongo, Fork-tailed    2
682Ibis, Southern Bald    2
7223Korhaan, Blue    2
8129Kite, Yellow-billed    2
9708Shrike, Red-backed    1
10724Shrike, Magpie    1
1179Stork, Black    1
1277Stork, Woolly-necked    1
13167Marsh-harrier, African    1
14722Bokmakierie, Bokmakierie    1
15583Scrub-robin, Karoo    1
164131Coucal, Burchell's    1
17833Firefinch, African    1
18820Finch, Red-headed    1
19772Sunbird, Amethyst    1
20464Lark, Dusky    1
21599Warbler, Willow    1
22544Bulbul, African Red-eyed    1
23557Thrush, Groundscraper    1
24581Robin-chat, Cape    1
2587Flamingo, Lesser    1
26113Falcon, Peregrine    1
27443Honeybird, Brown-backed    1
28452Woodpecker, Olive    1
29404Bee-eater, European    1
30351Cuckoo, Klaas's    1
31365Owlet, Pearl-spotted    1
320Unknown, Unknown    1
33214Crane, Grey Crowned    1
34202Crake, Baillon's    1
35276Courser, Burchell's    1
36287Gull, Kelp    1
37169Harrier, Black    1
38149Fish-eagle, African    1
39142Eagle, Martial    1
  Ref Species name Full protocol Adhoc protocol Incidentals
      Rep Rate (%) n Rep Rate (%) n Reports
40171Harrier-Hawk, African    1
41105Secretarybird, Secretarybird    1
42117Falcon, Red-necked    1
431332Pochard, Red-crested    1
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