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LynxBirdTicks. (Android)

  Android app on Google Play

The main impetus for this program is to make logging your bird sightings (ticks) easy and quick (it only takes 2 taps to complete a basic tick), but also to enables you to maintain a more detailed record of each sighting. Several features are built into the program to facilitate this (e.g. Quick-tick, Tick Edit while making the tick or later, Smart Search to quickly find the correct bird, multiple ordering methods, etc.). Furthermore it enables you to filter your ticks to easily show you specific ticks for selected criteria. The lists can be exported to a format that is easily opened by programs such as Excel, Access and other database systems.
The program also includes a full-featured mechanism to conduct SABAP (Southern African Bird Atlas Project) mapping, including hassle-free, one-click data submission. No more manual data entries for submission. Simply set up the card, make the ticks and submit the data!

• Comprehensive list of birds that can be found in Southern Africa
• Multiple list sorting options (including Afrikaans and scientific names)
• Smart-search facility (shrinking the bird list as you type)
• Visual indication of birds in life list and current trip – with totals for each
• Quick-Tick (make a tick with just two taps)
• Expansive, fully editable options for each tick (during capture or afterwards)
• Multiple users (unlimited)
• Unlimited locations (user defined)
• Unlimited trips (user defined)
• Pre-set regions for the whole of Southern Africa
• Tick-list visible on-screen showing full detail of ticks
• Expansive filter options to show ticks that meet certain criteria
• GPS utilization to capture sighting coordinates (can turn off if wanted)
• Automated and manual data backup, and restore functions
• Export tick list(s) to Excel, Access and other database readable format
• SABAP full-protocol mapping functionality (see below)
• Export tick lists to eBird – formatted and ready for direct upload

SABAP2 mapping (full protocol) is included in the program. This feature will take the hassle out of SABAP mapping – no more note-sheets or handwritten lists; no more double data entry; no more need for separate SABAP2 and life lists – all are done and kept in one program and one database!

SABAP2 mapping is easily done as follows:
• Step 1: Set up your mapping (pentad, user, etc.) and tap “Start”
• Step 2: Tick the birds as you observe them
• Step 3: Tap “Stop” when you are done with the mapping
• Step 4: Tap “Submit” to submit your data

That’s it!!! The program takes charge of everything else (hourly totals, total time, sequence etc.) in the background.

The SABAP2 function also has the following features:
• Automatic identification of the pentad you are in (with GPS enabled)
• Stop and start the mapping session – up to the allowed 5 days.
• Warning you that you have left the selected pentad (if GPS is on)
• Warning that you have re-entered the selected pentad (if GPS is on)
• Multiple mapping sessions (for different pentads) run concurrently
• Hassle-free, one-click data submission (must have cell or WiFi connection)


BirdLasser (iPhone & Android)

  Android app on Google Play

What is it all about?

BirdLasser is fun for Birders and good for birds. For both beginners and twitchers, BirdLasser is a fun way to record your sightings and share with friends, your community and contribute to conservation.

Plot your sightings with GPS precision, instantly update your lifelist and share it with friends. At the same time give SABAP2, Southern Africa’s bird-atlas authority, a better picture of what’s happening to our bird and wild life. We call it social conservation! So, while you have fun spotting and plotting birds you automatically play a part in helping the thing you love. Double win!

Rapidly capture sightings

We endeavour to make it as quick and simple as possible to log your sightings. Whether in your garden, the Kruger Park or on the open seas, we will seamlessly tag your sightings with date, time and location.

Share with the community

Share that special sighting with your fellow birders in real-time via email, Facebook or Twitter, or post a trip report.

Your passion for birds and birding has the additional benefit to contribute to a greater good. BirdLasser makes it possible for you to share your sighting details with conservationists and academia such as the Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2.

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